Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 54: “I have no neutral thoughts.”  “I see no neutral things.”  “I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.”  “I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts.”  “I am determined to see.”

The Course teaches us that we are alone in the Universe.  Jesus says we as individuals are the only person out there except for God.  The reason that this is a helpful supposition is because then we don’t blame anyone else for what happens in our lives or in the world.  We learn in the Course that the whole idea that other people exist is just a figment of the ego’s imagination.  The world as described in the Course is simply a reflection of our thoughts.  Everything that appears to be outside of us is nothing other than just the way we happen to be thinking.  Then the Universal energy around us then reflects this thinking energy we have and reflects it outward.  This is why we see people outside of us and this is why there appears to be an agenda in the world’s happenings that includes the behaviors of other people.  This is simply our own mind creating this appearance of happenings around us.
My feeling about that way of perceiving the world and our lives is just that it helps us take a step back from the world and not get overly invested in what other people seem to be doing to us.  Further, we don’t want to get upset about it for longer than we need to- to take the message about what we are meant to learn from it.  Then we can release this upset energy from our minds and then discard any idea entirely that we were wounded by this seeming suffering.

The reason that this is important is because this is the way to keep our minds out of attack.  If we start to want to react to this seeming injury in the world from other people then we end up totally disturbing our peace of mind.  We are learning to act in the world from Holy Spirit’s guidance, showing us how to respond, but

then come with totally miraculous mind and keep ourselves away from the ego’s crazy battleground.  ⇔

We simply need to understand from this that the idea of other people is a somewhat loose concept.  The Course teaches us that this error we think we see in other people is only our own belief in something that we thought wrongly about.  This just helps us not to get so attached emotionally to the things that others do that seem to offend us or may make us resent their behavior.  We just want our minds to be clear that since they don’t even exist in anything other than my projection, then they have no power to affect us.  This is why we just learn that we just need to stop and think twice about what seemingly injures us.  We are encouraged to let this go with greater ease because these unwanted behaviors are not real.  This is why we can completely not be bothered by them in any way.

The Course is teaching about energy because God is energy.  The world of form is also energy but a very specific kind of energy.  We learn in the Course that the world of form is something we created when we thought we got separated from God.  We are learning from the Course that the only thing that has power in the Universe is the energy- in the form of Love- of God.  This means that everything of form means nothing in God’s world.  We are just learning how it feels to operate in a Universe that is run completely in energetic terms.  We learn that we are the only one in the Universe with God because that is a helpful metaphor.  And this just helps us to see how this coming and going of energy alone or energy in the form of people or ourselves is all up in a different realm of possibility.  We are learning that we truly are the only one in the Universe in one way.  And we learn that we are never alone in experiencing the effects of our thoughts because we are never alone in our experience of being human.

There are always energetic ties to other people.  And what we think and do is always affected by other people and they to us.  We are just getting introduced to these ideas about how energy gets affected by other energy, even in the form of people.  Our task is to get comfortable with this idea because it helps us to undo our thinking about whatever the Course is teaching us needs to be undone before

we can settle into the peace of God.


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