Lesson 291 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lesson 291: “What is the Real World?” “This is a day of stillness and peace.”

This section says, “The real world is a symbol, like the rest of what perception offers.  Yet it stands for the opposite of what you made.”  The Course teaches us first of all that the world is not real at all.   It says the world is simply an illusion or a dream and is not a true reality in fact.  We are asked to loosen our grip on our belief that the world is in existence.  We have to just hold lightly to that because we want to give it up for a truer understanding of what the Course as a mind training is teaching us.  We want to understand that the world first of all has no validity because it is temporary and imperfect, therefore inherently it is not God.  God is the opposite so they can’t truly be combined and of one energy.
What we are asked to do is comprehend this.  We must also understand that at the same time we see the world as not real- since we are temporarily in the world- we must also understand that simultaneously the world is filled with what we believe is our worldly reality.  We want to see that since we are living in the world at this juncture in our existence what we can do is choose our experience while we are there.  Jesus teaches us in the Course that we can choose a happy dream or a nightmare.  Just understand that this is an illusion for sure, the symbol, as Jesus says, but we can use it as a helpful symbol if we want to despite its non-reality.
What we can do is allow ourselves to have as little reaction to this news as possible.  Often our egos buck at the hearing that the world isn’t real.  The ego squirms and tries to utter that this for sure is false.  What we need to do is simply let this be ok, even though it may make us squirm in some ways when we hear it.  Give our minds the time to process this and forgive the fact that it may be hard to take in.
The Course says the world is unreal.  However, since we have a layer of our life in the world, we can accept this life as the way we are able to express our purpose in this current lifetime.  We can choose how we want to live.  We can choose to be aligned with God’s  purpose or we can choose the worldly view.

What is important is to not automatically give the world credence just because we are currently living there.  Instead, just understand that we can experience in the world the closest thing to our perfect state of love and peace that is solely of God in the world if we are simply willing to make forgiveness our mantra moment to moment. We can and are blessed with a life of fulfillment and the most joyful experience of purpose when we carry forgiveness throughout our days.  We can let forgiveness be the only tool in our tool box so we express it everywhere.  This is the only sure way to experience what is the closest to God energy while we are embodied.

We can make our dream in the world perfectly happy when we meet each interaction with forgiveness first. When we forgive, then we can enjoy everything because we are not resisting it with a wall of rejection and judgement.  This is why forgiveness is especially the energy that we must apply to all we see.  Sometimes if we accidentally leave forgiveness out of the equation of what we see, then we may try to apply joy or be in joy but instead we are having an underlying reaction to what we see.  This is why forgiveness first is the key to all of our gated gardens of pure light and joy.


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