Lesson 290 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lesson 290: “What is the Holy Spirit?” “My present happiness is all I see.”

The Course says that we are to see only what we want to experience.  If we want happiness, we must stop and ask ourselves, “Do I really want happiness?”  Is my intention truly aligned with what seems on the surface to be a pleasant state of being, although underneath, often we are holding back on different levels in resistance to opening to this outcome.  We may give the happiness lip service, we may fantasize about it or get really good at talking about it as if talking about this is what will bring us happiness at last.  We are right in this action that sometimes it takes a substantive measure to be able to get to a place of actualizing happiness as the reality within our general well being.

We may be fond of putting on a show to ourselves or to others that we are really interested in achieving and finding happiness.  What we need to do is look deeper.  Sometimes we end up having hidden agendas that are not readily privy to our minds.  They get buried because our egos don’t want to pay attention to them as if they can come to the surface and get resolved, then the ego would have none of its preferred power.  The ego would be lost because we found something like God and the way to peace. Then, we would no further look to the ego to supply us with a purpose.  When our minds are all clear, and we get defined intention to do only God’s will then the ego no longer needs to pretend it is caring after the calling of guiding us.  The ego can instead finally be quiet  when it is no longer needed.

What we need to do is just take that inner willingness and allow this to open the avenue for God’s purpose.  When we find blocks within that may be preventing us from getting to a place of certainty with peace abounding, then what we need to do is simply take a moment to listen to them.  They undeniably have essential information about why they exist and then what they can teach us.   All blocks were created in the first place because we got stuck in some way in our lives and were not able to process further emotionally and/or physically.  We, therefore, were not able to process and integrate whatever learning needed to happen to resolve whatever the incident in question brought up for us.

Just know this is quite common for all of us- adult or child.  Then we couldn’t come to a place of peace and undo the inner conflict at the time that came up for us.   As a way to support our healing, in the event of not being able to heal whatever happened in the moment, the body and energetic system of our spirit-minds essentially keep that unintegrated stuff within our system in some way until we give those issues some time and space for healing to occur. Also, this exists for us to learn whatever is the appropriate lesson within the challenge.

This is the way we become bigger people.  When we have time to release and resolve these old blocks, this gives us an aligned energy instead because then nothing inside of us is in conflict with ourselves in any way.  The blocks can seem often like they are still fresh wounds because even if they are not seemingly present issues, they can still bring up our sense of desperation about how seriously we wanted to heal but then did not have the tools to heal this yet sufficiently within us.  Therefore, we may not know how to heal the blocks; this may be why we still see them as raw wounds.  They are waiting for the healing love of attentive space.

What Jesus wants us to do in the Course is allow all the old blocks within us to love’s presence be softened and healed with abundant adequacy.  We are simply asked to stay in touch with our own intention.  This means everything- if we are not clear that we want only God and we want only happiness.  Jesus says- don’t hold back.  This is the way to perfect peace and happiness.  All we have to do is get out of the way.  I mean stand back and give God the primary spot on our paths and stay clear that we are worthy of being happy.

Lots of times we have barrels of unresolved guilt.  We may not believe we are lovable.  We may not believe we are worthy of the greatest gift in this crazy lifetime.  We can have the deepest, truest, lightest joy.  We just have to stay honest with ourselves.  This deep honesty is the way we understand at last who we are as children of God, and then what parts of us are yet ailing.   This emotional intimacy with ourselves is the way we get in touch with what needs to be healed so we can stay true to our only intention of meeting God in our minds. Then, we may then be orchestrated for the purpose of living this perfect joy.


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