ACIM Lesson 152

Lesson 152:  “The power of decision is my own.”

This lesson says, “Truth must be all inclusive if it be the truth at all.”

We can trust God to be exactly as He claims to be.

Thus, all of our decisions can be based on this, and we can always know what to choose if we are in our sane mind, because God is always consistent. 

God stays the same, no matter what, because God is perfect, and therefore, God’s Will and Purpose is unalterable. 

I love that the Course gently, but certainly, prompts us- recurrently- that God is utterly trustworthy since this is the inherent nature of God. 

We just need to register that this is true.

We have a extensive narrative of granting the ego the say in our minds, and our enabling the ego; this is just our well-established habit. 

But the Course gives us the sure cure to this insane and incorrect determination we feel to follow the ego.

God is our alternative, and gives us all we could ever want and need, because God loves us so, and God is committed to showering us with favor. 

We just need to realize this is true. 

The fact that God is consistent is all we need to feel certain and happy, because we can count on God to be all He is, all the time, since this is the nature of God. 

We just need to realize this is the case.

We just need to stand firmly in God’s truth and let it define us.  

We just need to realize we are wrong, and promptly change our minds. 

There is no obligation to feel even a shred of guilt when these moments come when we have been lost temporarily to God’s sane awareness within us. 

We need to stop there, and take an honest look within.

God is always readily available, whenever we look.

There is never any reason to feel anything less than worthy, completely innocent, and full of God’s promise, because this is true.

Our task is to see this truth for what it is, and never run and hide, thinking any part of us is compromised in the process. 

God loves us perfectly, and knows all is well, and that there is nothing but the wholesome goodness within us and around us.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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