Lesson 85 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lesson 85: Review: “My grievances hide the light of the world in me.”  “My salvation comes from me.”

What strikes me in these lessons is that this light of God, this light that is the perfect energy to embody is already within me.  And I am blessed because I don’t have to do anything to make this shine and activate its incredible expression.  All I have to do is show up.  The beauty of the situation is I don’t have to go to great lengths or even in fact any length to get this in order.  God gives us all equally the light so we can just be present, and enjoy it.

This lesson reminds us that it is our grievances that block the flow of God’s love.  We get attached to the distress and our hands are busy holding the grievance so we can’t be empty and then be open for the energy of God.  We are invited to come to terms with the truth that the power is ours to make the choice to simply stop feeding the grievances.

Our egos like to perpetuate the grievance and add energy to them.  Jesus tells us here to lovingly devote time and attention to releasing that cycle of attack we have within when we are making the grievance real.  What we need to do is simply stop.

We can ask our hearts if the grievances have a message or some information about something we would like to change in the world.  Sometimes they have helpful messages about something that didn’t work for us.  Therefore, let’s listen with a thoughtful heart.

Listen, witness, and see them.  Then forgive them and show gratitude for all the helpful insight they have led us to.  Then, let them go.  And pray constantly.  When we are holding grievances often we may feel stuck in changing them.  Ask God in each instance of grievance what it needs for resolution and then allow them to fade away completely.  We can ask God for guidance in how to forgive every time we see a grievance.  Let our hearts be guides in how to proceed and keep our single mind of knowing we want to forgive no matter what.  Even if this takes time.

We are infinitely blessed because our salvation already comes fully in tact within us.  We don’t have to hope salvation will occur.  We just have to be willing to know that God gives us this freely and with great love and affection.  We just have to realize we don’t have to look anywhere for it.  It is simply there and perfectly serves our lives- and makes our time on earth a blessing indeed.


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