Lesson 86 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lesson 86: Review: “Only God’s plan for salvation will work.”  “Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.”

We have to ask ourselves, “Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?”  When we get attached to our own agenda we feel cut off from the flow of God’s love and energy, so this makes us miserable.  We have to realize that our attachment to maintaining our own agenda, in being “right”, is what makes us feel completely wrong inside- as we block the channel of flow to God.

When we insist on being right there is a rigidity in our outlook because we are not open to receiving anything but the ego’s plan of action.  The rigidity makes us unhappy because it is not being present in the moment with an open heart to a plan higher than the ego’s outlook. When we insist on being right, this is our attempt to attack God because we are not feeling soft and pliant enough to hear God’s agenda.  This is why we can’t be happy when we are set in maintaining the ego’s view.

I think when the ego insists on being “right” this is the same as holding a grievance.  Being right is a plan of attack because we insist that our egos know everything; and I think of this as holding a grievance.  When we hold grievances our energy gets tied up in knots because we are not available for inner healing.  Holding a grievance is the way to shut down our connection to God and insisting on being right is a grievance of sorts.  I think of them as having a similar energy.  A grievance happens when our egos get completely invested into the feeling of expressing a grievance. Also, it occurs when the grievance is so real and stuck inside because we feel like it is not changeable.  This is why we suffer.

We are asked to learn what we often fail to recognize.  Only God’s plan will be the heaven we have always longed for.  We have to see that God’s plan is so much better than any little agenda our egos try to sustain.  The ego loves pain actually.  Thus, the ego’s plan is always with some or often is very much about furthering our suffering.  We are shown to surrender our attachment to any other than God.  This often entails a full surrendering of what the ego calls home.  But fortunately God’s world is replete with abundance everywhere.  Sometimes it takes us some growing internally to start to recognize, but this is the best solution when we just get used to it.  Let’s love and have patience for this journey to God.


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