ACIM Lesson 259

Lesson 259: “What is sin?”  “Let me remember there is no sin.”

This lesson says, “Sin is the only thought that makes the goal of God seem unattainable.” 

The ego gives us a tale that seems so true that sin is a true fact. 

Sin seems already incredibly planted in our reality. 

The ego loves attack, and at its very core, the ego has this lust and desire for attack. 

If we believe sin is real, then the ego gets exactly what it wants.

Then we end up in perpetual attack mode because the ego stops at nothing to maintain the attack energy and purpose within us. 

Sin is the perfect remedy to the ego’s want.

Sin- if it is real, will alway put us at odds with God foremost and with all other people as well and with ourselves as individuals. 

Sin has a mission and takes no prisoners.

When we give sin a voice, then we end up against God and believing God can’t love us and that God is out to punish us because we made the inevitable mistake of sinning.

By the very nature of sinning, there is no way to avoid doing it if we believe it is real because we can’t help but to give it power when we give it energy.

The energy of sin just takes over when we just give it that slightest of acknowledgement.

The Course, on the other hand, teaches us to simply negate the idea of sin existing in the first place. 

This is why the Course says sin is unreal so that we never entertain even a hint of energy supporting an idea of sin. 

When we do this, then our suffering about sin ends, simply because we fail to give it truth, and thus, it ceases to exist.

Then our suffering ends immediately because we have nothing left to suffer over. 

Sin is always giving us reason to feel less than the perfect creation of God and this is why we want to refuse to believe in it at all. 

It is too complicated to try to undo sin once we already believe in it. 

This is why we are asked to take the tactic of preventing our suffering from happening in the first place while we insist that sin is not real.


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