ACIM Lesson 258

Lesson 258:  “What is Sin?” “Let me remember that my goal is God.”

This lesson says, “His memory is hidden in our minds, obscured by pointless little goals which offer nothing, and do not exist.” 

We must have perspective about the goals of the ego.  They are little. 

That word grabs our attention because we get a glimpse of how small they are.

Just let them be small.  The problem comes when we allow the ego to make the trinkets of the world big with some amount of limitless value.

We quickly make a shift into that mentality where we just give the world and the ego all of our attention because we love to obsess and concern ourselves about the trinkets we make sacred.  

We just need to give ourselves permission to unplug from the world.

Then, we give ourselves permission to lose our way when we do. 

We are asked not to make such a big deal about getting stuck and getting lost. 

When we resist our resistance, this is the crux of the ego problem. 

That resistance is our attachment to it.  The resistance makes this mistake bigger instead of undoing it or even just keeping it at bay.

Our task for ourselves is to not suffer over our mistakes. 

We must see them promptly when they arise, but we give this all to God and we surrender it immediately. 

When we forget to surrender, we get stuck because that softness of our minds and softness of our actions is God centered.

We are asked to forgive ourselves adequately. 

We can think about whatever happened if we get the guidance from the Holy Spirit to do so, but then let it all go. 

The power we feel, the empowerment, comes when we give ourselves adequate forgiveness as soon as possible.  And if we suffer over it at all, we get right back to forgiving.

But just realize that no matter how many intellectual tools we glean from the Course, the important thing is to practice forgiveness when we forget to do what it says. 

This is the greatest freedom for us, because then, we enjoy the moment even if we stumble a bit in the process.

We walk along with God when we give ourselves space to make mistakes.


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