ACIM Lesson 330

Lesson 330: “What is Creation?”  “I will not hurt myself today.”

This lesson says, “The Self which God created cannot sin, and therefore cannot suffer.”  

The Course clearly shows us with the capitalization here that this Self is the one that is the Essence of God that we all share. 

The Self is the part of us and the part of all creatures that is considered of God.

We need to make some distinction, so we have clarity in understanding to what we are referring.  

The Self is ever holy and totally innocent because it is of God.

This means that the Self we share with God and all others identifies us as being of God and also being God Himself, since we share His perfect Essence.

The Self is that part of us that always makes us feel good when we remember it because it is of God, and therefore, of an elevated energy.

Our elevated Godly energy lifts us up totally because it is light and happy- as the Essence of God.

Because we share this Self Presence and energy with God, then, it is the guarantee that we have of our innocence because it is of God and God is perfect.  This means our holiness is always a done deal because it is what describes God.

Because our Self is inherently of God, this means it is impossible for us to sin, while we embody this energy of God. 

We are never making any more than the error or two which can be instantly erased when we so choose because we are inherently sinless. 

We must be clear that we never do anything that could even be considered a sin because God governs all the laws of the true Universe, and He declares us to be never having sinned.

The only reason we ever suffer is when we feel guilty. 

 All guilt is a demonstration of a lack of love and the lack of love is the only real problem.

This is easily resolved when we simply embrace our sinlessness, because then, we are embracing the Godly truth about ourselves as God sees us, which has to be true.

If we remember our sinless nature, then, all suffering ceases because the only problem is when we judge that we are sinful.

Then, we feel really badly because guilt totally blocks the flow to Love’s Presence.

This is the main reason all of us must embrace our sinlessness, so we never fall to a stumbling block like guilt, running rampant within us because we mistakenly identified ourselves as guilty.


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