ACIM Lesson 173

Lesson 173: Review: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.”  “I will step back and let Him lead the way.”  “I walk with God in perfect holiness.”

The Course is teaching us how to get out of the way.

Our minds are filled with our own plans and we get attached to the way the ego’s game-plan. 

The ego is thoroughly attached to being right.   Functioning in the world is challenging because the ego is entirely adamant about pursuing its own approach.  When our egos are doing their own thing, we can not feel God.  God then seems like a distant memory.  We are learning to bring God back.

We are exceptionally important to God. He makes it so when we do return, we are as the long lost children who came back to join with Him again.

God in no way at all seems like a disenchanted parent. 

He is the total opposite- loving the long lost Sons and Daughters with abundant showers of affection.

That means God welcomes us into His heart and Mind unconditionally. 

All we have to do is see that God is the one we want to be with.

The Course is teaching us that our problem is always that we forget to bring our willingness.  Our willingness to choose God is what allows us to get out of the way.

We must be willing to surrender everything we currently have on the ego’s platform. 

We stand up, with certain conviction in our decision. 

We bring our minds and hearts and we give everything to God for safekeeping.  But our willingness is exactly what we need to make this our actual reality rather than simply an understood concept.

We are learning to let go of our insane desire for what doesn’t work.  This may be a blow to the ego, but our task is to forgive our egos and forgive ourselves for getting delayed in the process of choosing God.  Our forgiveness is the magic potion in the form of energy that brings us peace.  Our forgiveness allows us to surrender any judgement we may have about how we do things.

Attachment to our judgement prevents us from proceeding with an unburdened heart and subsequently choose God in a meaningful way.  

Our forgiveness is what allows us to bring love to the situation that appears to be lacking.

Forgiveness is the delicate flower that we have in our hearts that blooms when we give it the time and energy to be integrated into our reality.

We make space for this flourishing of our willingness to undertake these processes and learn about them.

Forgiveness allows us to be in the present moment because we are forgiving all the emotional backlog of emotions we may accumulate when we have engaged in drama. 

We must be willing to allow for a full release of what is best let go for God’s healing.

Forgiveness is what allows us to get out of our own way.  When the ego rules then we feel resistant to letting God be the only Source of direction for our path.  This means the we are not open to God’s input.  We must use forgiveness- with ample supply- to apply in all situations where the ego appears to be in control.  The forgiveness fuels the letting go of the control.

The way to walk with God in perfect holiness is when we allow our minds to forgive any resistance we have to allowing God to take over the plan.


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