Lesson 347 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lesson 347: “What is a Miracle?”  “Anger must come from judgement.  Judgment is the weapon I would use against myself, to keep the miracle away from me.”

Anger is our way of coping when our minds turn to judgement.  Our ego is quick to point the finger.  When our minds turn to judgment, this is our ego’s raging response to whatever we perceive as wrong from our perspective.  When we hang out and give the ego our voice, the ego stops at no measure to give us the clear picture that what we see before us is not what we want.  Our egos do everything with the raging and screeching, high pitched serious ranting.  The ego spends all of its time complaining.  We are shown in the Course to simply accept our ego’s having full on tantrums.  We are learning that we can expect this because this is the nature of what our egos do.  The Course says we can learn to forgive ourselves and be gentle about this insane behavior the ego likes to enact.

It is insane because it forgets how to laugh.  This is why we have Jesus teaching us what is a better solution than the tantrum most of the time.  What we want to do is get out of that disagreeable habit we have of judging.  We can know that this is the ego’s way.  But what we can do instead and save ourselves incredible heartache, is stand in our lives with an open mind and open heart about what we see.  Make room in our minds for the possibility we were wrong.  Understand that this need to criticize everything is simply our ego’s call for love.  The ego sits and feels sorry for itself and puts on a show that the world has given it a shoddy deal.

The Course teaches us however to not be frightened when the ego starts down this path.  Forgive it for being attracted to the insane and calling it forth.  It is having a moment of forgetting it is perfectly lovable as God’s most blessed creature.  The call for love is simply when our minds believe that there is anything other than God out there.  If we look at the world and feel sorry for ourselves, we have definitely forgotten that God has a plan that incorporates all we see.  God leaves nothing out of the splendid plan for peace and a light heart.  Therefore, we don’t have even the slightest need to criticize.  This is for sure an unhelpful way of living.  Our egos are just having tantrums because they believe drama is fulfilling.

The Course gives us the miracle as the certain way to erase our belief in our validity of our judgement.  The miracle is a certain way to return to peace of mind.  The miracle is our shift in consciousness.  Jesus is showing us how to simply accept the miracle.  We don’t have to do anything but pray for the miracle mindedness which will replace all desire to judge.  When we allow our own minds the presence of a miracle we get out of the hell of judgement.  We also need to have the willingness and our open heart to do our part to bring the miracle readily into our minds to make our healing from judging.


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