Lesson 346 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lesson 346: “”What is a Miracle?”  “Today the peace of God envelops me, and I forget all things except His Love.”

The Course is teaching us to use the power of denial to our greatest advantage.  The Course talks about using the idea of denial in our minds; meaning we simply forget about the issues at hand.  We not only forget about them; we act and feel like they never existed in the first place.  The power of our minds is awesome and breathtaking indeed.  We have the power to negate anything that seems to be not of God and simply allow only God energy and purpose to exist within instead.  The way to be powerful- when we allow all that unlike God energy to be nonexistent then all we are left with is the peace and certainty of God.  This is the way to live in our powerful minds and also make a powerful impact on the world, standing in our strong minded, strong hearted insistence that only God is real and true.

When we hold so firmly that there is only God then our minds are solid and clear.  We know who we are and what we are doing in our lives and in the world.  This is the awesome power of negating what we do not want to copy or project out into our worlds.  We can absolutely allow everything that is not God simply disappear and cease to exist because we cease to allow it to entertain any space in our minds.  When we let no energy at all go into managing some idea in our minds this takes away any hold this thought has in our minds.  This then is the way to then insert God instead.  When we negate ideas that are not aligned with God’s purpose, this is the way to be completely liberated from any ego chains that bind us.

What we want to do is understand how important is our use of negating in the world to then help us to live the life we actually want.  The Course is teaching us in this sense that negating what is not God in our perception of the world is the way to bring no further emphasis to this issue and then essentially undo our interaction with it.  We can rather us our energy to join with God and others in our common purpose of forgiveness and salvation in order to live in pure Heaven.  What Jesus is teaching us to do is not to become blinded by the world or numb to the world.  We want to be mindful about this process and use it specifically as the Holy Spirit teaches us.  We don’t want to act in an irresponsible way in the world.  There may be things we need to do or actions that are appropriate for us as individuals and collectively to do to modify the scenery in the world.  We don’t want pretend it all isn’t real because we are allowed to forgo our sense of responsibility in the world.

When Jesus calls us to move and shape the world in new and different ways, then show up with capable and grateful hands to do the work.  What we are meant to do is negate the world and the challenges in it when we do anything in the world.  We want to work in the world with the least amount of attachment as we can possibly manage to it while we do it.  This is our area of forgiveness.  We forgive the world for being insane and then we ask the Holy Spirit what should our action be.  Then we move with hearts still calm and open and we remember that since the world is not real our business there is not concerning,where we find our peace because we already got it with God.  Thus, we show up to be neutral instruments.  We gently do what we are called and we pray for everyone’s connection with our mutual forgiveness.  Even though it is important to be present to live out our part in God’s plan, don’t allow this role to rattle our serenity.

What we care about is not perpetuating the attack.  When we have our own inner battle, this is part of why the world sometimes can trigger us to be attached to the outcome.  This is why we are encouraged to negate anything that is not God, so we are most at peace with the situation while we also move to change it when our hearts are guided to do so.


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