Miracles Lesson 98

Lesson 98: “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.”

The Course explains how essential it is for us to participate in our lives. We want to be conscious and do things mindfully.

Bringing our awareness with us as we go through life makes us dramatically happier because while being mindful, we can take the time and effort to choose our thinking and behavior.

The Course asks us to be satisfied and make sure we are clear that we will select our happiness because we can be happy when we are willing to show up and choose it. The Course says over and over that we are allowed to choose our lives and, therefore, we need to be willing to show up and do this actively.  

The Course’s version of God asks us to make sure we are happy all the time. Happiness is our function while we are on the earth. The Course explains that happiness is something we need to show up and do because we will be full of joy and peace when we remember to choose to be happy. 

 The Course says we are empowered because we get to show up and choose our lives and thinking and behavior. We can take great satisfaction in knowing we are authorized while we are here and choosing our happiness.

The pride we feel about being empowered is exciting and thrilling because we get to feel this way all the time.  

Our salvation, the Course says, is a done deal. According to the Course, God gives us our salvation always and eternally and infinity because God wants the best for us.

So salvation is something that we can all rely on all the time because God already gave it to us.

The Course says that it is our function to be happy and that this is something we need to do all the time because it is God’s will for us. Being happy is not what our egos want, so we need to make sure we get crystal clear that we will accept nothing less than our happiness because it is God’s will for us.

We need to watch our minds and catch when we forget to be happy. We can choose, and this is excellent news for us that we have this capacity.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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