Laurie’s Positive Points: Self-respect

 Laurie’s Positive Points: Self-respect

Self Respect: Remember that attitude that carries us in our lives. Our attitude is self-respect.

Self-respect is when we feel empowered. Self-respect is when we are willing to do whatever it takes to live our lives in whatever way makes us happiest. 

 Self-respect is the same thing as our certainty. And certainty is when we are willing to know we are lovable and will always be so.

Our self-respect sharpens when we have great lessons in life, and we are eager to show up in that circumstance with a desire to show up and do our best.

We show we have much self-respect when we are willing to show up to live and be engaged in life and be present in each moment of our days. We want to do our best each day of our lives so remember that we want to have self-respect.

Self-respect is when we are willing to be self-preserving. Sometimes we can get into a mode of focusing on our jobs or our families or some other valid thing, but we want not to forget how to be self-preserving.

We can easily forget, so we need to focus on watching so that we do not forget. We can occasionally remind ourselves to take care of this essential part of who we are.

We do not want to go that way, so stay tuned and stop ourselves when we see we have. Then we can take steps to make sure we are watching our minds and catching missteps when we forget about being self-preserving.  

Then take action steps to make sure we are monitoring how we feel in our body, mind, and spirit system. Make sure we do not forget to do things like taking deep breaths as we go through our days, so we end up focusing on breathing, and then this helps us stay in the practice of doing deep breathing throughout the day periodically when we have a moment to do this.

Deep breathing is such a gift and will make us feel better. Please stay in the practice of doing deep breathing at any possible moment we can. Please take a deep belly breath and make sure we move our abdomen out in our breath.


 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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