Lesson 91

 Lesson 91: “Miracles are seen in light.” This lesson says, “I am not a body. What am I? The course eloquently explains, “I am not weak, but I strong. I am not hopeless but all-powerful. I am not limited but all-powerful. I am not limited but unlimited. I am not doubtful but certain. I am not an illusion but a reality. I can not see in darkness but in the light.”  

The Course asks us to get clear about what and who we are. Our egos tell us we are the bodies and are accurate. But the egos give us wrong information.

We are not associated with our bodies. We are all spirit and full of God’s Love because we are the children of God, and therefore God made all of us in His image.

God loves us and provides us with the truth about who we are because God goes out of HIs way to be good, fair, and helpful to us. The Course asks us to realize we are, in fact, in the best scenario we could be because God loves all of us infinitely and always.

Because God goes out of his way to be good to us, we can appreciate and enjoy that God teaches us in the Course that we are ultra worthy and that we are entirely lovable by God and ourselves, so with all that Love, we can do anything in our lives that we want to do.  

God explains that we are not our bodies; our bodies are to return to God. Our bodies provide us with the tool we can use to return to God and remember that we join with Him.

The Course says we need to look at our bodies from the perspective that they are great while we are human and are using them currently. Then when we have learned all of our lessons, our bodies will die and cease to function.

We can trust that our bodies will be around for as long as we need them, so do not despair if you or someone you love dies and makes a transition because we can know that whatever the picture in the world looks like, we can trust that all is well whatever we see.  

Remember that our egos always complain about us; they scream at the top of their lungs how terrible we are. They fill us with challenges and that there are always truths about us that we are in the mode of lack and darkness and dismay.

I am so grateful that the Course says over and over how much we need to remind our egos all day long and all year long that the truth about us is we are full of grace and abundance, plenty. We are full of joy, peace, and functionality, so we have virtually no problems as long as we remind ourselves of the truth.

Seriously, speaking words of truth makes us feel so much better, and over time, we come to believe these truths of abundance with practice. We need to remember to remind ourselves of these truths the Course is always teaching us, and we need to exert even the slightest effort in reminding ourselves.

Just We are required to exercise minimal effort for this remembering. So this is good for us, and we can sail through life with wings on because there is nothing complicated we need to do to get to this place.

 The Course explains that God does all the hard work in these situations. Therefore we can trust God is with us and capable of helping us evolve and move forward.

All Love.

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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