12-10-14 Lesson 344

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lesson 344: “Today I learn the law of love; that what I give my brother is my gift to me.”

The Course teaches us very specifically to undo and let go of all laws that we think bind us.  The world, physicality and our bodies are all governed by a massive handful of laws.  The laws we grow to believe, like in time and in deterioration, seem fixed in the grand laws that outline our Universe.  We often feel that laws tell us how to live our lives, what to say and with whom to be in relationship.  Laws undeniably limit the possibility in our existence.

We often don’t even try to step outside of the box or live with a knowing the laws have no reality.  We just let the law be the dictator of the decisions we make about how to live because we think the laws are untouchable and can’t be overcome.  When we face a life with the full belief in laws we feel hopeless.  We just shrink down; we refuse to let God be the source of faith that sustains us through the ego’s misperception of the nature of the Universe.  We let the ego’s belief in laws be the dictator of the ideals we adhere to.  We don’t think otherwise because we think it’s an impossibility.

The Course teaches to us the futility of the ego’s laws.  Our task is to remember this is the most simple truth.  But while we do a U-turn when we start to jump into the belief that laws of the world have validity, we are invited to remember there is one and only one law in God’s view.  God is kind enough to teach us how to get over our obsession and attachment to the worldly laws, to let it go with a mind of forgiveness for that insanity.

But then when we are free within because we let go of this crazy idea, then we can allow God’s law to replace what the ego had us clinging to.  Let God’s answer guide us to the perfect level of peace in our minds with the understanding that I am solely blessed by what our brothers bring to our treasure house.

This lesson says, “Let my forgiven brothers fill my store with Heaven’s treasures, which alone are real.”  It is specifically when we forgive our brothers and sisters that this gift is the ultimate joy to our lives.  We can’t just bring our brothers to Heaven with us, if we don’t forgive them first.  If we bring brothers to Heaven, often we harbor some anger and resentment toward them for whatever ills we perceive from them.

Then we may bring our brothers, but energetically we will be separating from them because we are not fully loving them.  When we aren’t joining with them and extending love it is because we are still holding some kind of grudge or judgmental stance.  We are asked to very specifically bring our brothers as forgiven loved ones.  This is the way that we can all get to Heaven because we are entirely willing and available to be in the union between us.


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