ACIM Lesson 196

Lesson 196: “it can be but myself I crucify.”

This lesson says, “For once you understand it is impossible that you be hurt except by your own thoughts, the fear of God must disappear.”  

The world says God is the number one villain.  We hear that God is always out to get us for even the smallest gaffes.  The world believes in a vengeful God.  The world makes God our enemies because it is the easiest thing for the ego to do.

The ego is on totally flimsy ground because it has no sense of certainty and definitely no peace upon which to prop itself up- so it tries to make itself feel stronger in projecting an attack toward God. 

The ego has no healthy self worth so it tries to make itself feel bigger and better by waging war with everyone, especially God.

God is the one who loves us gently, certainly and unconditionally and thus, God is always happy about giving us the best of the best of all the Love out there.  But the ego doesn’t believe God has any plan but to be cruel to us.  The ego is cruel to us and therefore the ego projects a God outside of us with the same intent as the ego.

The ego projects its insanity outward onto God because this attack energy is like a crutch and the ego is always walking around on broken legs. 

The ego is fragmented and in need of serious healing.  Therefore, we have simply the completely wrong idea of God.  The ego is beyond insane.  It gives us nightmares aplenty.  God reminds us we are crazy when we project the ego’s ideas onto God.

The ego gets so bent out of shape and then says it can support us with a broken crutch.  The ego has no idea how to get out of the illusion.  

We must sit and appreciate that this is our own error.  We are invited to change our perception of God and we must make a clear decision to see that God is not out to get us.  It is always our own doing.  The world shows us umpteen examples of the way the ego is preserving the idea that the ego’s view is correct.

The Course reminds us that we just get caught in the crossfire when the ego is rocketing passed us these crazy ideas that God is the nightmare and that everyone else in the world is responsible for our own suffering. 

The ego goes on and on ad nauseam and we forget that this is a foolish concept.  The ego simply makes no sense at all when you sit down and listen to the ego’s plan of action.

The ego always lacking in logic. 

We need to notice this and not try to argue with the ego because the ego is so convincing, sometimes we can’t lose an argument with the ego.

But we can simply decide to leave the scenario in the manner of being proactive, and while caring for our lives in a God-centered way.

We can leave with Love.  Therefore, don’t try to win battles with the ego. 

That is the ego’s defense- it tries to get us to engage in the language the ego knows. 

The Course teaches us to not perpetuate the hate language that keeps us in the cycle of attack, but rather, gently walk into a different situation that is what we actually want.    We must be firm in our choosing peace in our minds so that we can change the appearance of the situation when the Holy Spirit called us to do so, while not continuing with any attack energy that may come up for us.


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