Lesson 147 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lesson 147: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.” “I will not value what is valueless.” “Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.”

The Course says that what is of this world- what is form- is valueless.  Our bodies are valueless.  Our things are valueless.  We have to make peace with this declaration.  Lots of us with our ego’s thoughts think things are the place with the greatest usefulness.  Things have a monetary value, a personal value, a hierarchical value in our minds.  Things are always seeming to give us joy.  It would be almost impossible as a human not to notice that we place value on the world’s goods.  We so easily give everything definition and value.

That’s one of our favorite pastimes as a human- figuring out how much each thing means to us.  Since at this juncture in our incarnation we are living in form it is difficult to not align with what the world thinks makes something what it is.  We can have the most difficult time undoing our ego’s process of lining things up in order and categorizing everything.  We get upset when the world doesn’t agree with our declaration of what our ego’s deem as valuable.  It can seem unfortunate when everything doesn’t end up with the exact labels our egos give them.

What we need to do is realize this is our ego’s insanity, making everything with greater or lesser value.  We want to forgive this and undo this process.  This is just our egos making a complaint and assessing everything as worthy or less worthy.  The ego likes that kind of thing- it keeps us busy so we don’t notice that the ego is making ill confirmations of how things are.  The ego just wants us to see that our need to give everything a grade is just our judgement gone awry.

The ego will never be happy with such a stance.  What we need to do is stop the judgment.  What we can do instead is evaluate the world and notice things gently- release the ego’s harsh stance of designating everything with ego’s purpose.  That is when the ego gets completely confused and thinks the world’s items are more important than God’s.  What we need to do is stop this process of assigning value to the world where we have no business judging anything.

What happens is that we see that the world’s things are just the areas where our egos tend to latch on with their attachment.  Egos like to make everything exist for the ego’s own purpose.  This is why we absolutely must stay connected to converting this old belief system about what is possibly of value and cast away old ideas that we will not spend our precious time and effort trying to figure out what needs valuing.

We have to understand that the world’s perception of what should be valued is eternally skewed.  We cling to our perceptions with rigidity and force.  What we are asked to do is simply realize the world’s gifts are not lasting or permanent, and they inevitably fail us.  God’s valued energy is what will absolutely change our lives around.  This is the energy that completely heals us of all errors in our minds.

It is the certainty- a clear, non-arrogant confidence that we carry with us always because God gives us this feeling with which to approach life.   These are God’s gifts which are immeasurable.  Our job  is to get honest with ourselves about what we will truly want and what will make us happy.  This energy is what truly feeds us in the world.  We simply have to notice this truth about how we want to live.  Then we need the willingness to choose this path.


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