Lesson 146 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lesson 146: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.” “No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.” “I loose the truth from all I thought it was.”

This lesson says that no one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.  This is the best news we have heard in our lifetimes.  God is assuring us that this is simple, straightforward and infinitely easy.  All we have to do is exist.  God gives us all the benefit and abundance and direct path to get to God’s way.  We don’t have to hope for it or beg for it.  It is already ours.  All we have to do is just accept our most precious and blessed gift as the certainty that God will and does always give us exactly what we need.  God wants us to have the rights to our own salvation and the keys to heaven’s gate because God deems us so worthy.  Therefore, there will always be utter bliss that we can live in the kingdom of heaven this very moment and forever.

We are simply asked to accept God’s gifts.  It’s ok if we forget, God will never leave us from His own impatience.  God is happy to wait for us as long as we need while we grow to understand the extent of this amazing gift God gives us- the truth.  But the sooner we remember how blessed we are as God’s direct descendants, the sooner we can laugh and play along the way.  Because it is so easy our mind will be light as we accept our roles as beloved children of God.

Reality is simply in our minds.  Reality is what we make it.  We have to understand this fully.  The Course says the world is simply a reflection of our minds.  We see externally what is found happing internally.  We can have the benefit of seeing what we think.  This is a step toward changing our minds and changing our reality entirely when we come with the willingness to take this step.  The way out is to know that we can see ourselves in the world and then forgive this layer of our insanity that we see there.  Then we let it go entirely.

Jesus says we must LOOSE our minds, we loose the truth from what we thought it was.  This means our egos may be busy trying to keep us rigidly locked onto the reality we are trying to maintain in the ego’s world.  But what Jesus and God do for us is teach us to loose the truth from what the ego is trying to hold inside of us. We discover when we look within that our egos are desperately afraid.  And, they are holding so tightly to the ego’s version of reality that we just don’t see the truth at all because it is hidden in the shadow of our ego’s existence.  And the ego pushes very hard in our minds to declare its own reality a truth in actuality.  But the real situation is that God’s truth is our only truth and this is what we will see and have when we simply stop clinging so desperately to our ego’s fate.  Jesus says let this all go- and with a grateful heart.  It means nothing to us and so we will be infinitely more happy when we allow God to be our guide.


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