ACIM Lesson 320

Lesson 320: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “My Father gives all power unto me.”

This lesson says, “There are no limits on his strength, his peace, his joy, nor any attributes his Father gave in his creation.” 

The problem with our egos is that they limit our existence in every way.

The ego give us a very small box to live in and never expand beyond the borders. 

The ego likes its little world and wants to maintain it exactly as it is.  The ego is afraid of growing because growth would be the same as losing the ego’s identity exactly as it is now.  The ego likes to keep control and when we grow, the ego gets frightened because we no longer fit in that box in which the ego hides us.

The Course reminds us that God is unlimited.

When we accept the will of God into our minds and our existence this necessarily means that we will grow and change and evolve. 

God wants us to be as big as we possibly can in terms of holding our energy because the bigger we get emotionally and energetically the more happiness we hold. 

God has a purpose for encouraging us to grow.  When we grow we often lose our borders for a moment and then slip into some new borders when we are ready.

Its like a hermit crab.  They live in a small shell until they get larger, they literally vacate their shell and then slip right into a larger one that will carry the whole hermit crab in its larger shape.  This is what we are asked to do.

We must appreciate that growing is part of what makes being human extraordinary. 

We get to enjoy that we are becoming fuller people and grow into happier lives when we bring our consciousness to living.  We just want to appreciate that growing is the way we let ourselves get connected with our memory of God.

This is the way to give ourselves a new shape that is now appropriate for who we are as people in the present moment.  

We want to not resist our growth because this is the only way to get to God.  

Just appreciate it even in those moments that feel loaded with challenge from looking at our deeper issues.  Just take a deep breath and take another step in uncovering those things and give them to God’s altar for resolution.   What makes us extraordinary is when we are open to being wrong and open to giving our minds to God for our pruning.

God is that magic gardener Who will weed away those false beliefs we still hold that we are not worthy of being totally powerful in who we are.


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