ACIM Lesson 335

Lesson 335: “”What is the ego?”  “I choose to see my brother’s sinlessness.”

The Course reminds us that God declares everyone, including all of us, as sinless permanently and without condition. 

God makes it so because God wants it that way.  No way to argue with this logic. 

If our brothers and sisters are eternally sinless, then, the only thing we need to do is catch up on integrating this, and knowing this deeply within us all the time. 

One of the biggest is problems of living with our ego’s mentality is that the ego makes everyone an enemy all the time. 

The ego instantly decides that the ego’s judgment is valid and that the ego has the right of things.

But the ego’s opinion is always outright attack energy and emotions.

The ego is always at war with us and with all that is around us, simply because the ego wants it that way. 

We just need to take a step back from this, and choose again, because the picture of our having enemies everywhere and waging war constantly is not an accurate picture of the happy dream. 

Sounds quite terrible to me!

We are asked to simply accept that out brothers and sisters are sinless.  The ego will always try to see them in the light of some problem that appears to have happened that they are to blame for.

This means our egos will incessantly be at odds with everyone else unless we intercede with that miracle of love. 

We must release all that old attachment the ego has to the attack cycle in which we find ourselves. 

The ego always has us in this dance where it appears that the ego is being friendly and helpful outwardly, but truly the ego is alway underneath holding insane, intense grudges about every last thing.

The problem is that this usually goes unnoticed, so we end up just holding onto these feelings of wanting to be separate from our brothers and sister because we deem them to have injured us.

We are asked to simply keep coming back to being able to deal with our brothers and sisters with a light heart of communion. 

We can feel open to being connected with them instead of holding grudges about them and trying to feel separate from them.

We must know that our brothers and sisters are our ticket to get to Heaven, the Course says, because when we feel love for them, we are open energetically to being in a state of union with them.

This feeling of openness to union is the holiest state on earth that we can achieve- where we are closest to God as we can be. 

This is why it matters to make peace with our brothers and sisters in this process.

When we are at peace with them, then, we surrender those grudges that the ego holds silently.

Then, we will not exude that old attack energy that the ego likes to foster if we forget to tell the ego to stay quiet and respectful of the process of getting ourselves connected with our brothers’ and sister’s sinlessness.


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