ACIM Lesson 51

Lesson 51: Review: “Nothing I see means anything.”  “I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me.”  “I do not understand anything I see.”  These thoughts do not mean anything.”  “I am never upset for the reason I think.”

The problem is that we forget we are worth the effort. 

Changing our minds takes effort.

And when we don’t feel valuable enough our enthusiasm and follow through in doing the work falters because we have little momentum. 

When we forget to be happy and inspired when we are doing our tasks, then nothing has the power to move us.  We must understand how strong is our own intention.

If we include our own intention to be in the Creative force in whatever way is appropriate for us, we become very powerful people. 

Then, everything we do becomes an act of love.  

We become quite skilled and helpful because we are fully invested in the process of doing a fantastic job or learning an important endeavor  

The Course reminds us to bring love to everything.  When we feel our love, that is the springboard for our inspiration. and then we get totally carried through whatever problems we are having getting initiation.

When we feel totally stuck and seemingly paralyzed at the prospect of doing the Course Lessons or doing things like really living the philosophy through putting it into practice, this is simply an invitation to stop and sit with God.  

We pray and ask God to show us how to regain our enthusiasm for whatever is in front of us.

Our love for God and ourselves and for what we are doing totally fills that inner part of us that wants to be full in the process in proceeding. 

When we are meant to carry on and integrate the lessons here or do something difficult at work, we are sometimes unable to get through it all.

When we forget bringing God’s Love, nothing gets done.  

This is the most important thing anyone can bring with us. 

The fortunate thing is that when we do the lessons for example with God, then we get in the practice of bringing God with us, which is what we ultimately want to learn through the Course.

Therefore, we can be happy that we need to stop and ask God for help getting us off the ground.

Eventually we learn that there is nothing else except for God’s Love and this is all the blessing we need when we forget that we are worth the effort.  When we are feeling low about ourselves, it makes every difference in the world to realize all we need to do is integrate God’s Love within us.

Then, suddenly we become full of God’s Love so there is simply now sparseness- no energetic lack within any longer. 

This always works when we have moments of forgetting that we are worthy of making the effort to change our minds and that we are worthy of being gentle and kind with ourselves in the process of learning the practices.


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