Lesson 286 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lesson 286: “What is the Holy Spirit?”  “The hush of heaven holds my heart today.”

The Course is teaching us how to get to a true place of quiet within.  Our inner world is definitely of the roaring raucous mode of functioning.  Our egos thrive on chaos.  What the ego does is gets loud and disorderly.  This is intended to throw us off of our sense of balance in the story of our lives.  We get thrashed about here and there with the ego’s loud suggestions- that are actually more like a rolling concrete machine flattening out whatever sense of balance we might feel.

The ego is always catching us off guard as we get bombarded with the noise of our destructive, non- Godly thinking.  The ego likes to make a point so it swears to us in a piercing measure of volume about whatever the ego is pushing us to be persuaded.  The ego is good at being loud but very commonly the ego is not at all convincing.  The ego has this way of making it hard for us to notice anything else but the intensity of the volume.  However the ego doesn’t have any substance with which to tempt us to believe that anything it has is worthy of our attention.

This is always a ploy.  The ego can dance circles around in our minds making us fall for its falsity.  The ego has no point to make- just tries to fool us into buying into that layer of insanity that the ego makes in the world.  The ego thinks if it speaks smoothly enough we will just downplay our need for something of true value that we hope to hear from our egos.

This is the oldest trick in the book.  The ego is excellent at giving us what we are not able to deny because it is so stark in our minds.  The ego thinks if it bangs us over the head with some message of the world that we will end up being startled enough by the noise we won’t be able to stop, take a moment to truly understand what the ego is saying.  The ego knows if we have a moment to get silent within that we will hear the insanity at full force of the ego’s calls.  The ego knows how it sneaks into our thinking and it knows how to grab hold of our minds.  It dunks us in the water of insanity and knows that we can’t recover from the stint so we will instead just let the ego take control of how we live.

This is always what makes us miserable.  When we allow the ego to dance its crazy cha cha we end up with the ego taking over the strings of our mind’s rhythm.    This is why we must stay committed to our attention to stay quiet within.  When our minds are not screaming at the top of our lungs we can simply breathe.  We can gently and purposefully choose the reality that suits us most.  This is of course, God’s plan.  All we have to do is just know that our egos like to be in control.  Forgive them for this and then gently return to the quiet mind, letting every thought go.  When we stay in the quiet experience of the moment, this is the way to live in the now and live in simple gratitude for the emptiness in our minds.  It is the platform upon which we then can add on God’s thinking.  When we quiet our minds we let go of all that insanity that does not serve us.  Instead, we can assume God’s mentality and purpose as the one we were always destined to live within and exude.


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