Lesson 132 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lesson 132: “I loose the world from all I thought it was.”

I love the use of “loose” here.  I think Jesus, in His dictation to Helen often used words to especially catch our attention.  The Course wants us to simply make note, pay attention.  Words can be a perfect way to give us cause to listen.  This is the whole purpose of the Course, just to wake us up.  We are so used to maintaining a status quo that we just never elevate our minds out of the old, crusty habit.

The habits just go on unchecked because we think there is only the ego’s way of doing things.  The Course just wants us to stop and look and be present to what is happening in our minds, then we will have clarity that we want to see things differently.  We just need to see that what we are doing with our ego isn’t working some times at all, and definitely not peacefully.

It’s amazing that the Course just has a few simple things to teach us.  It is 1300 pages and it has just a few pointers.  We just have to realize we so truly believe the ego’s deception that we don’t question it. This is why we need the same few, simple pointers explained in lots of different ways or sometimes only in one way but seeming an infinite number of times.

We just need to see that we have perceived wrongly when we believed that anything other than God ever existed.  We are just asked to focus on this one truth and know that when we make our minds vigilant in affirming this truth, it frees our minds before long.  Then, we can hold steady in the truth of God which is our own.

The only way to come to God’s truth is to simply stop making a world separate from God where things are our primary focus.  When we do this we get confused about our purpose here.  We often start to believe that things and worldly situations hold more reality for us than God’s truth.  When we forget about God, often the attachment to worldly things goes hand in hand because we get so emotionally intoxicated about what the world brings.

We get confused because we start to believe suffering in the world is inescapable.  We when we lose sight of God often forget that the world is just an illusion that has no meaning to us.  We have to be willing to release the attachment to the world.  This attachment is the root of our suffering.  This is why we simply must stand back, release our harsh grip on how we like to perceive the world in our ego’s eyes.


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