ACIM Lesson 116

Lesson 116: Review: “God’s will for me is perfect happiness.”  “I share God’s will for happiness for me.”

Our job is to learn to accept perfect happiness. 

Our egos always push us right into that worldly view that we are meant to be guilty about accepting happiness. 

The ego operates from scarcity and tells us that there isn’t enough happiness for everyone so only a select few can enjoy perfect happiness and that we are not one of the fortunate ones. 

That means that we always then feel guilty any time we sit and enjoy happiness.  It feels like it is not our right to be fortunate.

The Course says happiness is unlimited, and therefore, every one can have perfect happiness because there is plenty and God wills it for everyone because God loves us all equally.  

The ego also claims that we are not worthy of getting the best of the most coveted happiness because we are sinful and unwanted and unloved and thus, have virtually no value at all.

The Course reminds us that this is all a mistake and that our worthiness is pronounced by God immediately and all the time. 

Thus, we never need to have a moment of doubt that we are worthy. 

That means then we have no reason to believe the justification that the ego usually gives us- that we are not worthy and that there is no amount of plenty of the happiness we desire.

We can sit and just enjoy having happiness because it is our birthright.

When we sit and realize that it is God’s will for us to be perfectly happy, then we can simply understand that it is meant to be. 

Since God is the most Supreme Entity and God creates everything in the Universe exactly as they are supposed to be, then God has also created us as well. 

Since God created us, we should just sit and listen to how perfectly God put us together.

God carefully selected every part of us in the creation of ourselves, and God did so brilliantly, with all aspects working together to create a whole that serves us and serves the world.  

We are uniquely made, exactly right for who we are because God says so. 

That means we can just sit back and check out what God has done.  We want to sit and relax and enjoy this happiness because God gives us our own state of perfection as we are.

The other thing that totally matters is if we are willing to play our part in the choosing for our own individual life-experience. 

We hear the wonderful news that God wills happiness for us.  That means we are worthy of having it and that there is plenty for everyone, and that God magically orchestrated everything in our vicinity to be the perfect expression of our chance to be afforded happiness. 

There is no part of us that has to feel badly that God wills happiness for us because God is totally thrilled to give us this gift of perfect joy.  We can sit back and let God do all the work necessary in doing His thing.

But with that said, we must make the effort to choose our own will too.

We are asked to play our parts in making our happiness our only reality. 

We do this by making sure we connect with that part of us that is willing to choose our own will when it comes time to make whatever vigilant choosing it takes to make our happiness our true reality.

We have nothing to do to make this happen except simply choose our reality.  Remembering that our part is essential to making our happiness a real part of our actual experience is part of our life tasks.

We must do whatever it takes to allow our minds to be open and willing to choose. 

Then happiness is completely ours because God wills it and so do we. 

The power within the team of our joining with God in will is breathtaking and completely rocks the world.


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