ACIM Lesson 115

Lesson 115: Review: “Salvation is my only function.”  “My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.”

This lesson says, “My function here is to forgive the world for all the errors I have made.” 

The Course says that our thinking gets projected out into the world and gets manifested into form. 

This is why our thinking matters.  Our thinking goes through us indeed, but then it also gets turned into a way we express through the form around us.

We just need to appreciate the power of our thinking.  It matters for sure. 

There is much that happens in the world that we may believe doesn’t come from our thinking but the Course reminds us to dig deeper.

It is very important to realize that the world could surely be manifested from a deeper part of our subconscious that we may not realize we have within us.

Therefore, is ever so important to forgive ourselves for our thinking. 

When the world appears to arise from our thinking, this can be quite a jolt.

It may be a difficult pill to swallow. 

This is why our own self forgiveness is always the thing we must make at the top of our list. 

I developed a practice over time, since I have been doing the Course for a while, one of the things I started to do is consciously make mental notes.

I try to make sure forgiveness is like every other thought I have because I am sorely in need of forgiveness and the resentment I hold over other people also sorely needs to be forgiven. 

Everyone needs forgiveness.

Making forgiveness every other thought we have starts to fill in the gaps in our minds where forgiveness needs to reside.

With God-centered (effective) forgiveness, then we start to heal.

The Course teaches that God put us on the earth with forgiveness- as meant to be- our primary past time. 

We are given forgiveness to perfectly bring God’s love to the world in a form that we can do the task of offering what forgiveness does.

We need that part of God’s Love where we simply know that nothing is wrong and there is simply no reason to hold grievances about anything. 

The problem is that we are judging machines.

We churn out grievance after grievance about the world in the ego’s mentality.

The Course says that we are here to forgive the world for all we hold against the world.

The ego makes a huge war with the world and with us over everything.  The ego just likest o complain.

We must start with our own forgiveness first for ourselves. 

We so often just overlook the fact that we make all the attack thought energy into form.

Our own attack energy is our own error. 

The problem is that we project all of our error onto the world and assume the world caused it because it is always easier to believe the error is anywhere else but ourselves.

We just want to take a step back and check into this reality- of how the ego makes war with the world and we hold the world responsible so we put responsibility outside of ourselves. 

The Course teaches us to delicately reclaim this responsibility for creating our worlds as they are, and appreciate that all we see is just difficulty for the purpose of relearning our own forgiveness for ourselves.


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