ACIM Lesson 117

Lesson 217: Review:  “God, being Love, is also happiness.”  “I seek for but what belongs to me in truth.”

The Course teaches us to simplify. 

The ego’s mentality is always gushing of excess and nonstop further complicating everything. 

Nothing is slow and easy and sure because we are bombarded with the ego’s addiction for its own insanity.  

The ego’s insanity appears in excessive, unkind language and attitudes toward ourselves.

Our lives- even if they seem they stay the same, on some level, everything always seems to be going full steam ahead at a back break speed and we never have a moment to sit and and get more deeply aware of what is happening and whether we want what we see we have.

The ego always runs and seems to thrive when things get more complicated.  Our egos make our picture seem that we always have less time than we used to, and now more things to do. The ego loves chaos and somehow gets us to continue the ego fashion of trying to function at some level amid this chaos.

But it never works because chaos is destabilizing for all people if we don’t take care to not do it all the time.

The Course reminds us that when we are properly aligned with God, then everything becomes infinitely more easy.

We must make sure our intention is aligned with our words and deeds, and that they are all aligned with God’s energy and God’s purpose as this is the best way for us to be most effective as well as optimally functional.

It matters that we stay aligned within ourselves because then we are not in conflict with anything or ourselves within.

This means we can be great at doing our own individual thing in the world with God and serving others when we are not in conflict with ourselves. 

When we are in conflict- the ego’s chaos, we will not enjoy anything we do or necessarily do it well because the will of God is not aligned with us, which is the only true power anyway.

The Course reminds us that when we let God be with us in choosing our own will and purpose, then we allow God to work through us and then our lives will be the expression of God through us. 

There are an infinite many ways that the ego gets us off course.  The ego has an extensive list, which is always getting longer, of ways to get us off the path.  This is the ego’s forte, and the ego excels indefinitely in giving us umpteenth interruptions.  Just appreciate that this happens because the ego is quite practiced at giving us complications that seem to utterly consume our attention, and we may think we need to solve them in some way.

The ego will find some lure that is attractive and run off, and then, we forget that we are doing our important play with God, and we split emotionally and spiritually. 

Just know that the Course gives us a totally simple plan about how to get to God.

We are given information here about how the ego just spins its wheels and makes us think there is something important going on within itself.

But always trust that this distraction is temporary.

We just need to give all the ego distractions to God.  

Bless them and give them back to God with a grateful heart. 

We surrender them to the altar because we can release them with the simple acknowledgement that they are not true attractions.  They are not God.


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