ACIM Lesson 366

Lesson 366: The Epilogue here says, “No more specific lessons are assigned, for there is no more need of them.  Henceforth, hear but the Voice for God and for your Self when you return from the world, to seek reality instead.”

We are reminded here that we can venture out by ourselves as long as we have God. 

We can be certain that we know exactly what to do and what action to take when we allow God to give us that subtle inner push that puts us in the stream in which we want to be.  We just have to trust that God is always with us and taking care of our business.  God gives us all the answers.  There is no need for doubt.  No need for struggle.

We surrender our confusion because we don’t need it when we instead rely on God.  

We are reminded to not struggle with that part of us that is the ego. 

Let the ego be that part of us that we see as unreal and we don’t allow our minds to entertain any idea whatsoever that the ego has reality.

We get to choose our reality through what we think so this is means we have to stand up and decide what we want.  The Course says the ego is unreal so we don’t put energy into making it bigger.

Therefore, we must be firm about denying the ego that push of energy we give to things we make part of our lives. 

We must be serious about not giving the ego voice by seeing it as unreal.  We want to deny its existence entirely, but when we do that, we also want to be kind to the ego. 

We give the ego its walking papers, but we do so with respect and kindness.

We can have in one level of our consciousness that the ego is non existent, while we also treat our egos with a gentle love that has appropriate boundaries. 

The ego generally just wants to be loved but doesn’t know how to get love.

Therefore, it matters that we treat the ego and all others with whom we associate with a respect for who they are.  That we live harmoniously with the ego means everything.

We are asked to have a base level internally from which we treat everyone and everything with kindness and respect.

This is what the Course is teaching -to treat everyone with Love. 

Love always includes respect and appropriate help to ourselves as the ego or to other people.

The only problem comes when we are not open to accepting the ego in a way of non-judgement, then we end up resisting the ego.

And when we resist it, the ego latches onto our minds with a fierce might because our resistance gives the ego a seriously forceful energy.

This is why we are asked to welcome the ego in a way that we would our own child.

Just make peace with the ego’s presence while we also refuse to let it do anything we don’t like because we insist the ego isn’t real. 

Meanwhile, the ego can have no ill effects on us.

When we seek what the Course calls “reality” here, this is when we are able to love everything, even the ego.  

The Course here reminds us that we are just at the brink of choosing which way to go. 

We can make a new reality with God’s guidance and Love as our only tool.  This is why we want to make peace with everyone and everything.


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