ACIM Lesson 184

Lesson 184: “The Name of God is my inheritance.”

This lesson says, “Yet does this other vision still remain a natural direction for the mind to channel its perception.” 

The ego puts up a fierce battle and it may appear that God has the odds stacked against Him.  The ego makes it seem true that it will be the victor of the war for our minds and hearts.  The ego seems almost like triumphing over us is bound to happen.  We know that the ego machine is well oiled- our egos know exactly which buttons to push to get our attention.

The ego leaves us gasping for air- almost as if we can’t even breathe because we are so winded from the ego’s mortal combat. 

This is tragic indeed and at times we may feel disheartened about our connection with God because the sheer pleasure of it seems a too far distant possibility to actually make it true in our reality.  The ego makes it look like that the ego has the upper hand and will stop at nothing to possess our souls.

It seems like a clash that we just can’t begin to make headway in correcting.

The Course is so beautiful about the way that it never leaves us and our egos out in the cold.  Jesus says we can be ever so gentle with the egos’ war.

We must be ever so delicate and gentle and not do anything to participate in prolonging that war. 

We want to forgive that war for happening in the first place and simply refuse to put even the smallest hint of effort into our playing any role in that war.  The Course says that our job is to end the war by doing nothing.

Our refusal then ends the war. 

All attack stops because there is no target.

We are not even present in it.  We are simply refusing to amplify whatever attempts for power the ego may want to strengthen in itself.

Even though we refuse to perpetuate the attack energy of the ego, we still forgive our ego and give it the nourishment we need to maintain ourselves.  We can be kind and gentle to the ego and give it space to be cared for adequately.

We simply stay firm in our commitment not to empower the ego with our mind’s energy reserves enhancing the egos’ plight. 

We simply stop playing the ego’s game.  However, we still appreciate that the ego is part of us and in taking care of it we are not striking up a war with the ego.

We want to treat our egos neutrally.

Don’t feel charged by anything the ego says or feels.  If we don’t take up the axe with the ego then we can use our energy to simply reconnect with what the Course says.

Our place in God’s Kingdom is certain because God made it that way.

This means it doesn’t matter how resistant we are to making our presence real in our beloved place in God’s Kingdom.  God always has that back door open for us.  God always gives us a way to get in because we belong there.

The Course says this specifically and gives us that gentle nudge to get there.

But always a loving and gentle nudge, with the angels singing as we waltz in with happy feet.


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