Lesson 321 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lesson 321: “What is Creation?”  “Father, my freedom is in You Alone.”

We are asked to have a one minded perspective.  When we divide our intention and divide our purpose, the result is a situation where we can do and accomplish very little.  When our hearts and minds are going in many directions, our focus is lost.  When we try to do lots of goals at once our power is minimized.  The power and energy behind a clear directed focus is essentially unlimited as it has the power of God behind it.  What we are asked to do is make sure we aren’t holding in reserve, we aren’t secretly withholding the power of our clear intentions and directed minds.

When we stop the strength of this flow of power we lose our effectiveness in the world and in God’s happy dream.  The Course says that God is our only purpose; thus, our task is to carry that into the world and manifest this clear powerful intention as the backbone and motivator in all we do.  When we stay undivided, then our minds have this strength behind our power.  When we have many simultaneous goals then we always find our results lacking.  We always find ourselves with just a little of what we really want or sometimes we don’t manage to make anything we want in the world.  When our minds are divided we end up with a flimsy outcome.  Our outcome is just a pebble in the mountain side instead of the solidity of the mountain itself.

We just need to be willing to bring our willingness to the table.  We are invited to make our willingness available and forthcoming to make our hearts aligned with God.  We get the chance to be in freedom when we accept that only God is the strength behind our self empowerment.  God is the way we liberate our minds from the belief the ego has that we have to be right.  When we have this insane inner urge our egos have to being right, is is exactly as if we have been imprisoned.  Our experience of ease is entirely annihilated when we have this intense drive to be right.  Our egos buck back in the chains in which our egos find themselves.  The need to be right is the way straight to hell.  When we are shackled in chains this is the ego’s version of imprisonment.   It is this inner feeling that we have to have things just so that is the basis of all of our suffering.

The Course is always inviting us rather to release the chains in our minds, let our egos wash away that insistence of being perceived the right one.  The Course says that when we give this urge to God, when we release this rigid insanity that the ego likes to endure to prove it is right then finally we can find our way out of the dungeon.  The Course says that our egos’ rigid insistence on carrying out its own version of perfection is the reason for our experience of pain.  We simply just need to forgive the ego but certainly take away the ego’s push to be the product of what the ego thinks is ideal.  This ideal is a farce.  Only God can provide us with the comfort and appeasement of how it feels to forgive our insanity.  And when we forgive our insanity and the world’s then we definitely achieve our peace.


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