ACIM Lesson 144

Lesson 144: Review:  “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “There is no love but God’s.”  “The world I see holds nothing that I want.”

The introduction in this section reminds us, “There is no hurry now, for you are using time for its intended purpose.” 

I love the gentleness in this idea that there is no hurry. 

The ego and our insane minds can get in a sense of panicked rush. 

When we hurry, then there is a layer of anxiety upon this picture, because when we feel like we need to make something happen in our lives or in the world-and it can feel like there is reason for urgency.  

And usually that urgency is directly correlated with our sense of not being in a favorable condition in our experience. 

It is only when we rush when we feel like something is wrong. 

The Course, in response to this insanity, gives us permission here to relax, and go slow. 

Don’t have a moment of doubt, anxiety or uncertainty that things will not be transposed into our best case scenario. 

And when we have these attack thoughts within us, we suffer.

The Course gives us this gentle, easy message, to relax and slow down. 

We rush only when we panic, and when we panic we are off center, so the Course is always reminding us that God is perfectly positioned at the wheel of our own personal cruise ships, so we can relax. 

This means there is nothing wrong, and nothing to worry about, so we can sit and enjoy the peace, and comfort of that sense of certainty- that comes when we are open to knowing that God loves us, and provides for us infinitely.  

Jesus reminds us that when our certainty of knowing we are totally innocent and totally lovable is in tact, and fully functioning, we at last have a clue of the truth God guarantees for us.  This has to be our foundation.  

We are all familiar with time; we use time, during which we learn, while we are on earth. 

The Course reminds us to rededicate the purpose of time- to use it- specifically- to get back to God. 

This is perfect and beautiful, when we are open to giving our minds, and hearts, and bodies to God- and the Godly Purpose. 

God wants us to remember that we are totally lovable, and that we are worthy of all miraculous parts of life, including the plenty of God’s perfect Love, and also the grandest abundance of our human existence on earth.  

We are here to just remember that we got lost somewhere along the way. 

God just wants us to realize we never got lost, so there is no problem- whatsoever- since the separation never happened. 

We can sit and grin, with the lightest heart, and the brightest smile, because God would never leave us, and has never left us. 

Thus, we can spend our time elevating the world with our forgiveness and Love when the masses show themselves as insane. 

We can give the world our miracles of light and order, in the chaos of the ego’s illusion. 

It is all just a little nightmare, and we have already woken up.  Thus, we can sit and enjoy that time is here for getting us to remember what we forgot.  

We can bless our journeys instead of feeling constrained. 

Just accept everything for what it is.  When we resist everything, we are in ego territory, we go down the dark path of destruction internally. 

Just catch this, when we have moments of forgetting to laugh heartily at the dark path. 

Our vision is however we perceive it, so give ourselves permission to hold the insanity with Love and kindness. 

Then, the Love and kindness goes right through us, and thus, we are saved, and lifted from that dark thought, so it is well worth it. 

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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