Laurie’s Positive Points: Give ourselves permission to be kind to ourselves

Laurie’s Positive Points: Give ourselves permission to be kind to ourselves

Give ourselves permission to be kind to ourselves. 

We wage war with ourselves because it is familiar. 

Just stop and see when there is a moment.  Then, we can get into a groove of being kind.

There is always a war within us because the ego is always top in its class of being insane.  That war is in the realm of crazy, for sure. 

Stop and breathe quietly, but deeply. 

Just give ourselves permission to be gentle and kind to ourselves.  Make our compassion be our best friends. 

Compassion is available within us if we are open to listen. 

We can be our own best friends if we just give ourselves a break.

The judgement runs rampant within us, and we beat ourselves down a notch every second of every day.

Just let the judgment come and accept it. 

Sometimes, we have even allowed ourselves to get into the mode of being unstable if we are asked be to simply get out of the groove we have of being cruel to ourselves, of getting out of the way.

That judgement from the ego is always maximally cruel.

We are given the olive branch from God of forgiveness.  We can use this for ourselves without reserve. 

Forgiveness is the simple awareness that nothing is wrong, and nothing bad ever happened. 

Forgiveness is our dear friend, who accompanies us through every little day of fear and distress that we have.  

Remember that forgiveness may seem like it is reserved for things like guilt, and anger, resentment, and blame. 

It may not seem logical or as readily applicable when it comes to fear. 

But remember that fear is underlying everything that is not love. 

That means we are going to need to forgive our fear, in effort to deal with it, in a practical step to secure our inner peace. 

The fear, of course, is not love; it is our call for love. 

And the fear- most definitely blocks the flow to love’s presence, it certainly removes us from the automatic, Godly flow of Supreme Energy.  

Fear is a contracted energy; because it is dark, and is not of God, it undeniably blocks our flow to Love’s presence. 

Fear is often the underlying emotion when we feel something like anger or resentment within us. 

This is why it is ever so important to feel our fear and come to terms with it.  

Fear is the underlying instigator in the scenario, and it makes us behave in very dark- centered ways; so lets just see this for what is, and make friends with the fear.  

We can forgive, and then be totally clear. 

We can forget temporarily the way that fear is the underlying feeling when we act out in anger. 

Just remember to notice this, and take stock of our own personal need to give our fear some forgiveness and love. 

It is fear underneath of all the drama that fear then creates. 

Fear is simply a call for love.  If we feel angry externally, we can know then that our fear is at the very core of the feeling. 

We can sit down and imagine the arms of God’s Love embracing us. 

We can sit and give ourselves that extra kindness and gentleness and understand how our fear is right there in the picture, even if we may have reacted to the world to something our loved ones have done, that made us feel angry on the surface. 

Just sit and be ever so kind, and enjoy ourselves over the wonder of how God’s Love feeds our fear, to the point of the fear disappearing entirely. 

We can just feel it and know we are healed from the anger and resentment at hand.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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