12-20-14 Lesson 354 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lesson 354: “We stand together, Christ and I, in peace and certainty of purpose.  And in Him is His Creator, as He is in me.”

I love the image in my mind of Christ and me standing together.  I thought when I was younger that spirituality was necessarily frilly and fluffy, had little backbone or strength.  I thought people would be offended if I did so much as to stand up in the direction of my path.  I thought spirituality necessitated acting weak and not making any moves that someone might construe as being self confident or self serving (like making a stand for what we believe in).

I thought spirituality was the realm of the people who are always nice and get taken advantage of because they make no regular practice at articulating what they want or need.  Since I felt particularly spiritual and loving, I believed my existence in the world would have to be without an emotional edge.  I was willing to cower down and just duck the blows in the world instead of removing myself from the line of attack.

It took a lot of learning about how to live emotionally in the world to finally realize I can be especially nice or especially edgy in the world and still do all of that from a place of love and joining.  The Course makes such sense to me because it tells us that our one job is to extend love all the time.  We hold that as our only constant.

Then, within that we use our own self awareness and psychotherapy or conversing with friends.  We gather information about how to develop ourselves emotionally so that we are comfortable taking a stand sometimes, as we forgive and let go, and we are comfortable resting in doing nothing in our peace and certainty of purpose.   Many of us grew up thinking when we demonstrated any action of boundary we couldn’t also include love along with it.  The world thinks that the boundary or the “No” is a rejection so it is necessarily separation.

This is the brilliance of this philosophy is that it teaches us how to love all the time even when we say the gamut of responses.  We could express everything in the world with a backdrop of love.  This is a challenge for sure, but it is also our salvation.  This is the sure result of peace when we include love in every aspect of our agenda.


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