ACIM Lesson 21

Lesson 21: “I am determined to see things differently.”

This lesson says, “You will become increasingly aware that a slight twinge of annoyance is nothing but a veil drawn over intense fury.” 

This lesson reminds us that we must take great care to notice what kind of attack energy or attack words and behavior we are making. 

We have this tendency to pretend that we don’t feel things that are very important.

When it comes to dealing with anything other than love, we need to take special care to make sure that we give these situations that look like a call for love a salve of the potent God’s love.  

We have this habit of pretending that our slight twinges of frustration and and bitterness- or whatever we are feeling- of shoving them under the inner rug. 

We pretend like we don’t feel anything at all because the ego wants to just go on with business as usual and not take the time and effort to reconnect with our willingness to change things.

The reality of our experience of whatever is not love is always something that it may come with a slight tendency to not be felt within us.

When we feel what is not love, sometimes it comes as a little spot of it, barely noticeable, but we are asked to understand that it is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Whenever we have attack energy and feelings within, they may appear on the surface to not be intense, but this is just the beginning of the onslaught. 

The reality is that the anger is simply burning strong within us when we feel the slight irritation.

There is always more within because attack energy always feeds itself, and we end up with more if we don’t discard the little bit of irritation in the first place. 

We are shown that we must heal that old attack energy, and give it to God immediately, because it always flourishes if we let it go on in its own momentum. 

It will carry itself and flourish, if we don’t blot out that spark of lightening within us that is attack energy in our thinking. 

We just need to take it seriously and just don’t let the little stuff go by unchecked.

We have every right to our peace of mind, and if we don’t remind ourselves to get right on the task of finding and releasing that attack energy to God’s altar, we will suffer the consequences of feeling the attack energy go through us.

We are asked to watch our minds consistently and catch those moments where attack energy has infiltrated into our personal energy field and into our minds.


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