Lesson 364 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lesson 364: “This holy instant would I give to You.  Be You in charge.  For I would follow You, certain that Your direction give me peace.”

The Course says- give up everything that is not God.  We may be first a bit shocked by this request.  It seems like a far fetched fantasy.  How can we be in the world and live each moment by each moment and in any way not be in the world?  It sounds initially like a really impossible request.  It seems a quite contrary request and therefore impossible- it even seems nonsensical when we hear it at the get go.

Once we forgive this request, and we need to do this or we will rebel against the Course and what it teaches.  If the Course seems to put us in a path of being irresponsible in the world for our own individual lives and also irresponsible to other people and the world at large then we won’t keep doing it and lose our chance for our own peace.  We have to forgive that this seems like insanity.  Further, we need to dive a little more deeply into the philosophy and practice this because in the practice is the only way to become good at it and then live in equanimity as typically as possible.

Our job is to get our minds out of judgement of the Course’s instruction so we can instead adopt it readily and then live the life we always dreamed of in reality.  The Course says that the world is not real and the reason the Course very specifically calls the world UNREAL is because we need to get into the habit of holding deeply in our minds that the world is not of God and therefore it has no reality in truth.  We just have to make sense of the information that the world is not of the same ilk of the same energy of God.  We can follow that, this is easy to understand.

We need to let go of any attitude about making the world more important than God.  This is the most important thing.  If we learn this from the Course, then we learned the most important thing that it can communicate and teach.  The world seems to be something we interact with and so it is misleading to pretend that it has no reality in truth.
Our job as someone truly practicing the Course is that we need to hold this certainly within us.  We want to let go of our ego vision that the world has importance beyond what it is.  This is why it matters to say the world is simply unreal.  When we hold in our minds something that extreme- to take away any memory of the world’s existence, then we have a chance at holding a sense of non attachment to the world.  The non attachment is the absolutely most important thing for us to do while we live in the world and we live in our own dedication to God’s purpose.  When we see that the world is simply not real then our tendency to become attached totally changes.

This is the best shot we have at  holding our clear mind of non attachment to whatever we come through in the world.  The reason this is because when we know truly the world is unreal, then the tendency to cling to the world’s outcomes and demand from them a particular look then totally becomes diminished.  The unreality of the world allows us to be impacted by the world because we are still there, but to feel the world’s slights like a flower falling gently to the ground versus the sledgehammer slicing us in two.  This is radically different when we simply just think about the world in these terms.

Our suffering over experiencing our attachment to the world dramatically reduces because we hold our priority of power in our thinking to be focused on God as the only goal.  When we allow God to be our only inner focus then the world becomes smaller.  We can still see the world and act appropriately if we feel so called, but we become so much bigger than the world because we join forces with God and God is infinite,  Therefore, we stop needing to suffer over the world because we let go of our attachment when we remember that God is our only joyful and fulfilling projected will.


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