Laurie’s Positive Points: Fighting the Good Fight

Laurie’s Positive Points

Fighting the Good Fight

The whole life’s purpose is to get dirty and to then become cleansed as we give our life’s breath to the challenge of getting honest with ourselves. 

The good fight is that battle that each and every one of us has with ourselves. 

It is when we are open to rallying our willingness. 

That willingness is that place where most of us get delayed permanently or delayed intermittently. 

The willingness is that place within us where we are accessible for growth and we are willing to get bigger.  

Fighting the good fight is the only battle we really ever need. 

Within fighting the good fight there is never any attack, never and judgement of any kind.  

There is never a hint of anything that isn’t love, and yet it is the firm commitment to hoist up our willingness and allow it to spring up and prosper.   

Fighting the good fight is the only battle we want to ever have. 

Within it, we are just willing to be authentic with ourselves and others and be true to what is important. 

What is important is whatever is God’s Will, however we choose to see that. 

We show up initially, having our punching gloves on while we are preparing for battle, but by the end of our preparation, we end up simply walking up and shaking the hand of the other person in the ring. 

We continue to care and act from that inner place of knowing that we deeply respect and love this other person. 

Thus, we always have their best interests in our hearts. 

No matter what the content is of the ensuing battle, the truth is that we are bringing within it- love.

We all have those old battle scars and it may seem that we can’t see above and beyond the residue of former attacks, but we can do the only thing that is truly going to heal us limitlessly. 

We can see that the previous battles were unreal and therefore, all those and battle scars dissolve, and we come with a neutral heart in the process of the battle. 

Surrendering our old need for the battle and our addiction to pain is the only thing that we truly need to do. 

We just need to be receptive to the idea that raising our consciousness is the only thing we absolutely need to do in the battle. 

Then, all of the problems resulting in the attack in battle simply cease to exist because we are not feeding it with our energy.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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