ACIM Lesson 136

Lesson 136: “Sickness is a defense against the truth.”

This lesson says, “Defenses are plans to defeat what cannot be attacked.” 

The ego has a totally false belief that the body is real and therefore, is capable of creating sickness. 

The Course says that sickness is only a belief of the ego and in the life of the body.

The Course reminds us that sickness is not even real in the first place because it is not of the mind. 

The mind is the only vehicle through which we can reach God.

 The mind is our true home and the body is merely a temporary stomping ground.  And since the body ends, we know it is not everlasting, and therefore, not of God.

The Course says that the problem with the body is that it can potentially be sick or have some degree of a variety of sicknesses simultaneously.  

This may seemingly appear to be the case to the untrained mind because the body appears to look and feel sick or pained. 

Then, the body’s pain seems hard to deny in actuality.  The Course gives us another way of perceiving what happens when we believe we are sick.

We can instead remember that sickness only happens in the body because the body is not the mind. 

The body has no experience of God in truth because it is not the mind.

Therefore, we just need to remember that when we identify with our minds, then, we can reach God and reach God’s energy, Love and healing.  

This is one way to reach God energetically.

But the other important thing is to remember that our minds are only of God, and therefore, there is no way we can be sick. 

When we allow  our minds to totally embrace God, then we know we are totally healed and whole as we are.  And when we know this, then we rest in our certainty because we know we are loved and lovable.

Resting in our certainty is what ultimately allows us to stay in a healthy state because our energy is aligned.  

Therefore, reconnecting with our certainty is absolutely necessary for staying healthy.  

The Course reminds us when we identify with our minds and thus the power of God, then we never are likely to have sickness to the most strong degree because our minds remain healed and whole. 

Our clear mental focus on the fact there is no way the mind can be sick, is what reinforces the reality that the body won’t be sick either. 

This is all we can do in the life of the body to keep it healthy; we then give healthiness the strongest possibility to stay with us.  

The Course says our minds cannot attack.

That means our minds can’t attack our bodies because minds simply don’t actually do this. 

Therefore, we can sit back and just allow our minds to be healed of any false beliefs that we can attack ourselves or our bodies because that is simply not in the nature of our minds when we allow ourselves to reverberate with God’s elevated energy and purpose. 

It is our highest healing on every level.


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