ACIM Lesson 87

Lesson 87: Review: “I will there be light.”  “There is no will but God’s.”

The Course reminds us to simplify.  

The most common ego tactic to offset our sacred journey is in giving us multiple agendas.  

When we pick many directions at once, we go nowhere- we have to choose one or the other in order to select the appropriate path we want to take.  

God has one will and purpose and the ego in the world has another direction.  There may appear to be more than one option in hearing this information.

The reality is that the ego does not actually have a true direction.  If we choose the ego path, eventually it leads to nowhere because it is not the will of God.  Only God’s will is in fact available on the earth.  We are just learning to remember this.

In remembering this, then we don’t take a lot of time and effort in taking the ego’s path which eventually leads nowhere. 

The ego has nothing to offer us.

The ego just looks enticing, but this worldly stuff is all part of the illusion and just prevents us from actually doing something that leads to our higher good.  

God’s will is always our higher good.  That is why we can be happy about taking it.

When we think there is an ego will, then we struggle over whether to get into the ego’s will or whether we want to get into God’s. 

This is exactly why the Course takes the very bold perspective- saying the world is simply not real. 

Then we are not resistant to taking God’s path when we see that this is the only true option.

This struggle always leads to nowhere because our struggling over which option to take is all for naught, because- the truth is- only one option is available. 

That makes everything especially simple and tidy.  

Then we can just choose God, and grin at our great fortune.  The world has no will we truly want.

But the struggle pains us desperately.

We sit and agonize about the process and have moments of doubt, fear, and anxiety, panic, guilt, and on. 

If we allow our minds to entertain the false notion that we would be better off taking the ego’s agenda, then we end up in full blown agony because we second guess God and ourselves about which direction to take.

The Course teaches that since we accept that God’s will is the only one we want in the end any way, then rather, let’s forgive ourselves when we have moments of resistance.

Let’s just show up anyway with a gratitude for getting to that place where we surrender that old push to give the ego permanent say in our minds.

The Course teaches that we chose our own reality for ourselves and we have chosen for ourselves a certain path while we live.

The Course says we choose certain lessons for ourselves to learn in each lifetime in which we find ourselves. 

This, then, is our blessing to ourselves because it is the way we need to grow in a spiritual capacity- as a soul. 

This is part of  the reason why we get certain worldly circumstances as we do.  We are getting a perfect picture for wherever we are in our incarnation.

We can trust that God planned the Universe in such a way that we can as spiritual beings learn our lessons, while we practice being linked with God’s will. 

We must learn to forgive and accept that God always has a purpose.

God is always expressing His Will through our lives- in addition to how we co-create with God and bring our own personal lessons to our cycles of learning. 

We are learning to forgive what we see that we don’t understand and seemingly do not want on the surface.  Our purpose is to get better and more complete and automatic about forgiving.

This is always the most important lesson for us about all things we see.

We learn here how to live in harmony with God’s will and our lessons. 

God has a million reasons why every day is a great day.

Our task is just to listen to the Holy Spirit’s messages and play through the process.


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