1-6-15 Lesson 6 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lesson 6: “I am upset because I see something that is not there.”

This is an important step in the process of undoing the thinking we currently have.  The last lesson said, “I am never upset because of the reason I think…”

This initial step helps me just notice that the link between my thoughts and feelings is reliably consistent.  It is how we make our emotional and thinking patterns.  First, we are taught to simply bring some amount of awareness to  the fact that what we are thinking is actually causing us suffering when we are not doing it with God.  This is where we stop and simply allow the awareness to be the impetus to move us to the next step.  We have to allow this consciousness to be known within us.  We need to understand how this works.

When we hold the space- just the little bit, this allows us more room in our minds for the light of God to enter too.  Once the light enters, the darkness of our ego’s judgement   disappears- the light is an automatic healing of this illusion.  When we hold space, we open our hearts to what is lacking or what we think is lacking within.

Then we are asked to move beyond that step in this current lesson.  We are invited to see that our thoughts actually pick objects of scorn and ideas of contempt to latch onto.  Then we project our uncomfortable feelings to be outcomes of our thinking.  We are actually making some other reality true when we see something that is not there.  It’s false because it’s not the peace of thinking with God.

We often make stories about what our problems are and become victims or victimize other people.  There is always attack involved when we are identifying some external problem as a known entity.  We actually do this always even if it isn’t conscious.  It still occurs in the underlying intention when we are not in our right mind (with God).

We need to realize the extent the ego goes to justify its reality of what is it that it has created which is wrong.  The ego makes up all kinds of fabrication about that portion of reality the ego invents to complain about.  The ego makes this illusory story real so it can have some of what it deems authentic bit to chew on.

We just have to know this is what is happening inside the ego’s thought even if we don’t see it outwardly.  The ego does this because it thinks if it insists this reality is true, then we will be more apt to believe the ego’s assertions.  We must just realize this happens often.
This is something we simply want to be aware of and then give it to God.  This is the only way out of the hell of our projections.  Therefore, bless the awareness for giving us insight into the workings of our mind and then release it back to the ether with love.


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