Lesson 120 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lesson 120: Review: “I rest in God.” “I am as God created me.”

When we rest in God, this is unique, has its own powerful flavor.  We find that the world’s rest is often fitful and bound up.  We often find it to be not especially peaceful or restorative.  When the ego “rests” our minds often just keep running, the thoughts creating more drama as we go.  The ego finds its rest to be distressful and untrusting.  When the ego rests it is generally in the harried worrying that the ax is about to fall in our lives in some way. Then our rest seems still filled with what is totally alarming and perplexing.  There is no rest in the ego’s perspective.

We are asked to take this teaching seriously and learn that God’s energy completely overturns the ego’s sad fate.  When we let God be the Source from which we draw our energy, we find ourselves completely wrapped in nothing but peace.  We find that we are wrapped up safely in God’s energy and God’s arms so there is no fear about what comes in rest.  We can completely sink into the experience of living in the perfect peace because God gives us all support and all direction for how to live.  When we live in the total trust of God, then resting becomes a welcomed, anticipated event.  It is cherished because we feel so good we don’t have to struggle.

We can be perfectly peaceful in our restfulness when we realize that God created us.  When we acknowledge this truth about us, then our doubt totally disappears.  When we realize this truth, any sense of conflict within about how to define ourselves completely dissipates.  We can just sit in the sweet and gentle knowing that we have never been anything other than as God created us.  This is the direct route to peace.  This is the way to the ending of battles within about who we are exactly.  When God lays out this truth for us, only perfect certainty and calm is the outcome. Our job is just to let it in.


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