Miracles Lesson 20

Miracles Lesson 20: I am determined to see.  

This lesson explains how essential it is to see what is out in the world In our lies. Our egos regularly forget to see what is happening around us.

We need to see so that we get information about the world. The Course’s most essential lesson reminds us to see all that is out there that we may or have been avoiding.  

We want to be able to createour lives and recognize the world around us is full of calls for Love and not be upset when we absorb these visions of our perception.

The Course teaches us to see what is happening and then be willing to change what we do next. When we see calls for Love in the world, we need to take them in differently so we do not get upset about them. 

The Course explains that our perception is our ego’s way of being. When we use our visual eyes, we see the world, but when we do, we end up judging the world, so we need to stop judging the world and call for Love.

A better option is to see the world from God’s perception. We can use holy eyes and see calls for Love as simple calls for Love to whom we feel no resistance.

The Course explains that when we are willing to see the world from a place of forgiveness and miracles, we end up being comfortable about the world, so we do not have to resist the calls for Love. We can perceive the calls for Love as places to go where we believe the calls for Love are not a problem.

Our egos have a perception that is full of problems.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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