ACIM Lesson 350

Lesson 350: “What is a Miracle?”  “Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love.  To offer them is to remember Him, and through His memory to save the world.”

Our giving miracles does not have to have a specific physical look.  The world has a clear vision that a miracle involves some physical change from what the situation was before.

Sometimes if a miracle doesn’t change the world practically, we may worry that the miracle is not sufficiently applied.  

This is false. 

The physicality in the world may change when we bring the miracle, or not if it doesn’t.

The miracle is an energy shift. 

The miracle is God’s Love in the perfect amount and in the perfect application. 

All we have to do is remember to bring it.  We can be the vehicle of our bringing the miracle.

We bring the miracle in our minds and hearts and we savor the moments of being perfectly joined with God’s energy- as it is our right. 

The miracle is the shift in consciousness to one of Love and abundance and all that goes along with these.

We bring forgiveness and light hearts in the miracle because this is the way to afford us peace. 

The miracle is God’s gift for the world because we forgot how to Love with a healed heart. 

That is why God gave us miracles so we remember we have a way to meet again with God’s Love.

All we have to do is realize we were mistaken when we thought there was anything else but Love.  This is the miracle.

Through the miracle, we get to enjoy our lightness. God gives us the miracle to show the world that Love is never lost.  We may have moments of forgetting the Love of God but this is because we get busy or tired or emotionally charged.   We have a life that is demanding at times and throws our minds off center.

We are stretched by the world’s woe and our torment over it.  

This is why we totally lose sight of the fact that life is light and fun and full of play. 

It can seem like a totally distant fantasy that Love is real because we often look at the world with our ego’s eyes.

This is why we have the miracle- to instead create calm and serene minds that are open to the gift of God’s Love and therefore, attract it to us wholeheartedly. 

The Course gives us the miracle which is all the Love we want and need in a way we can understand it in the picture of the world.

As long as we remember that we bring the energy of Love, whatever the miracle looks like doesn’t matter.

The energy and Love behind the miracle are what heals the world.  We just need to be willing to apply the miracle with no reserve.


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