Lesson 114 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lesson 114: Review: “I am spirit.” “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.”

Fortunately we get to fully participate in God’s plan.  I think a lot of people miss the experience of feeling self-empowered in our relationships with God.  We often get messages from the world that God just gives commandments and our task is to do them.  To me, this kind of command can even feel forced upon us- like God has the final word about us and simply gives instructions with no willingness on our parts.  I grew up thinking God was the master of what happens and doesn’t give us a say.  God imposes on us some nightmarish reality that consists of some kind of punishment.

This is such a tragedy.  To me, my relationship with God didn’t feel like a two way street, as though I would enjoy and participate in a relationship with God just as much as God.  But, God  rather, just gives us a rulebook.  This felt terrible to me because I feel strongly in the importance of accentuating our sense of self empowerment in every aspect of our lives.  When we forget to include God in that structure of empowerment then we have lost touch with a natural, beautiful and so enjoyable part of communing with God.  When we make sure we feel empowered enough to choose God, then we can feel fully engaged in our connection with God because we are staying powerful in our ability to choose.

We get to play this role that is ever so important.  When we can feel certain and ultra willing to be God’s children and play in His dance, then we can be perfectly ready to be aware of our purpose as participant in God’s plan.

God’s plan for salvation is simply a way to remember what is our happy truth, that we never need to think we are anything other than God’s vehicle and God’s purpose.  We won’t forget when we just keep reminding ourselves that we all participate in God energy.  Or, rather, we simply are God energy so we don’t have to come up with any individual agenda of our own.  We just need to let God’s plan in.  And we can love it, surrendering any fear we have of our own ego’s waltz.

This lesson says, “No body can contain my spirit, nor impose a limitation God created not.”  We are asked to remember that nothing matters except spirit.  Our job is to remember not to get upset or attached to what our bodies do.  The problem is that the ego is very often seeing only the body.  We lose sight of our perfection as spirit when we lose ourselves in the limited experience of a body.  We are asked to live in the body and love it for what it brings.  But live in it gently and forgive it for the body’s shortcomings.  Just come fully to the importance of identifying as spirit because spirit is never contained in the energetic prison of the body.  Spirit is always the primary and only way to see ourselves.


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