ACIM Lesson 13

Lesson 13: “A meaningless world engenders fear.”

This lesson says, “It is essential , therefore, that you learn to recognize the meaningless and accept it without fear.”  

The purpose of the Course is to teach us to get to a place where we actively live in the state of peace and healthy love from God.  

We want to feel so good because we have learned how to deal with our fear in a healthy and happy way. 

The Course gives us the way to undo that fear that the ego always gets us with and makes us want to run.  The ego always causes us to be upset.

The ego always causes us to feel intoxicated at some level because we are always in the state of upset. 

And the ego’s insistence on riding just through the level of emotional intoxication is what happens when we give the ego voice.

The intoxication throws us off balance with God.

We always lose our alignment because we are too dramatic and the energy is too intense.

God rather sits back with a very gentle, powerful hand, but also a mild love that gives us a feeling of completion and wholeness. 

God is never with love that is pushy or judgmental or fragmented.  We have God’s solid love to feed us and nourish us and this is the best.

The ego always causes us to feel upset about the meaningless we see in the world.

We are upset because we are just not used to accepting the world as meaningless. 

We can definitely be triggered in our implementation process within when we hear the world is meaningless.

We get all bent out of shape because it seems like such a tall tale.

We also have this deep fear of God, because we think God is like the ego, and we think the ego we are told that God is never going to be on our side. 

When we believe the world’s stories of God, then we are all petrified all the time because we think God is a punishing God and will be cruel to us if we react to the news that the world is meaningless.

We also find ourselves in a situation where the ego tries to compete with God. 

We find ourselves in this situation that exists where we have empty space within us that wants to be filled with God or the ego and the ego will fight fiercely for this. 

That means the ego will start a war with God to try to divert our attention away from God.

The ego is a master at deception and we will fail to notice the battle within because the ego’s tactics are covert. 

We are reminded to just make sure the ego does not get its way.

We can sit and just assert peace without any struggle. 

This no struggle is the way to peace.

We assert our intention without being bossy or demanding. 

We just gently bring God’s silent force within us, and let this be the power that creates the momentum we need to get back to the miracle of healing.


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