Lesson 310 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, November 6, 2015

Lesson 310: “What is the Second Coming?”  “In fearlessness and Love I spend today.”

Fearlessness and love are a matched set.  We absolutely have to have the love accompanied by a sense of fearlessness.  Love in the world is commonly paired with everything that appears unholy.  We have all kinds of false beliefs about what love will get for us in the world and how we can use love for our greatest advantage.  The ego is the master of false premises.
Fearlessness and Love are coupled in God’s world like a picture- the Love- and the frame- fearlessness.  In the picture, the Love is gorgeous as it is and well worthy of looking at.  However, we need to maintain this Love in the frame of fearlessness so we have a clearer idea how to define the whole picture.  The fearlessness is the backdrop information about how the Love is that we are living out through the picture and frame we see.  We need to understand that love is of God, the fearless indeed.

We have to let it be shown in the frame so when we look at it we will instantly be reminded that this is God’s Love we are talking about, not the love of the insane world where fear abounds.  This picture frame to encase Love helps us see Love for what it is.  The fearlessness helps us describe this love so we can relate to it as it truly is.  If we don’t have the fearlessness along with the love we will definitely end up reliving the nightmare.  The love of the world is filled with conditions and lack and mistrust and true suffering.

We need to accept that God’s Love is the answer to our prayers.  God’s Love necessarily incorporates fearlessness as its foundation.  This is why fearlessness is the substrate upon which the rest of God’s love is created.  When this is the basic building blocks of love then Love has the elevated quality which is the God energy.   This is why from the fearlessness, we can build each and every structure to people and fill our worlds- and be the cornerstone upon which all the good stuff- the love of God is shared and expanded exponentially.


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