ACIM Lesson 119

Lesson 119: Review: “Truth will correct all errors in my mind.”  “To give and receive are one in truth.”

This lesson says, “I will forgive all things today, that I may learn how to accept the truth in me, and come to realize my sinlessness.” 

The Course teaches us that we must not carry on with our grievances of the world.

When we encounter a situation that upsets us, then immediately, the ego goes to war with it,  and immediately attack energy and attack output pours from us. 

The ego finds grievances with every thing- and this happens without fail.  These grievances are plenty, and they certainly block the flow to love’s presence.

The grievance is a constricting energy and intention, thus, it causes us to retract, pulling away from the flow of God’s presence and love. 

The grievances are constantly battling with us, because the ego loves war, and permanently, perpetuates our inner tired old war.

We must appreciate that releasing our grievances is a full time job.

We can accomplish this when we give them to the purpose of God’s forgiveness. 

The Course teaches that forgiveness is that part of love that is suitable for the worldly purposes because it is a form of healing love that undoes whatever the error or seeming call for love appears to be. 

The reason why forgiveness always works to heal grievances is because it is of God and God’s love, and therefore, doesn’t follow usual laws of the world.

That means we can use forgiveness to allow us to remember that what happened in these situations that appear to be calls for love, are simply not real, and therefore  have no lasting effects on us.  Therefore, we in no way get injured from any belief in the existence of whatever strife happened.

The Course reminds us that God’s laws are unlike the world’s laws in that they have this ability to make things unreal, and therefore, truly heal.  

 Whatever is unreal ceases to exist in any way that could affect us negatively.

That means there is no way these things can bother us in any significant way.

This mean that forgiveness works then to totally to heal the world because we bring God’s energy with forgiveness; it has the same extraordinary realized potential since God is the most powerful Entity. 

Therefore, we can trust that God just brings us whatever we need to heal the situation via forgiveness.  The forgiveness allows us to recall that even if we perceived it as slight in the world, this is just part of a dream and thus it is unreal.

Furthermore, there is truly nothing wrong actually about the slight.

When we remember this, it allows us to heal our minds because we acknowledge that there is nothing wrong.

Getting to that place of self-forgiveness is essential for our own healing.

When we get stuck in the ego’s energy and mentality, it can seem impossible to remember we are sinless. 

It can feel so impossible, we just sit and marvel about it.  It may just seem like it is far beyond our reach.

The remedy, then, is that we can remember that we are wrong about ourselves, though this doesn’t mean we are bad and we need to judge ourselves.

We just need to appreciate it is a big undoing to change our minds about ourselves and surely takes time and effort.

Just let it be a process and bless the process as it is, without turning to judge it in anyway. 

Even if this is a tough call to get us to respond to, just keep coming back to forgiving ourselves about it.  Forgiving ourselves for being slow to integrate our sinlessness is a must. 

It is the only way to undo those insane and incorrect thoughts that we are flawed.


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