Lesson 226 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, August 14, 2015

Lesson 226: “What is forgiveness?”  “My home awaits me.  I will hasten there.”

Hastening is such a great word to describe how we are asked in the Course to get to God.  We have to understand that sometimes when people “hasten” to get somewhere this is because they may feel some concern or worry.  They’re are trying to act promptly to solve and deal with whatever has a need of being immediately attended to.  When someone hastens, often there could be some underlying stress when they are trying to figure out how to aid the thing to which they are hastening.

This is not what Jesus wants us to do to get to God.  We have no- that’s absolutely none- problem about getting to God.  When we understand what the Course teaches us about God then there is necessarily nothing difficult or bad or unhealthy or any unwelcome thing about God.  We don’t have to hasten to God to try to solve some dilemma or drama that surrounds our picture of God.  This is simply an error in our perception if we are believing in it.

This is why we have to know what is the truth about God so we are then aware there is never a need to hurry to God with a moment of less than peace about God.  This is all wrong.  What we are asked to do instead is hasten to God because this is the greatest Love that we have ever had or ever will have.  This is our out- of-this world deity and parent who showers us with an never-ending, perfect Love.  God’s Love is so ideal that we want it completely.  We understand how the essence of it gives our lives true meaning and the utmost joy we could ever imagine.

What Jesus teaches us is to not hasten out of fear that God may not be there when we get to God.  Our egos have a full-on worry about scarcity being everywhere thus we often believe God falls under that category too.  We often just don’t know that God is always available for us and giving us the Love that is so great we can’t even describe it.

This is why we want to hasten to God and hasten home.  There is not the tiniest bit of worry there.  We aren’t running to God to beat out the next guy who might steal from us the best of God.  There is plenty of God for everyone.  Therefore, we don’t have to even have the slightest concern that we will be left high and dry with nothing.  This is why we want to hasten to God, because God is such a perfect and helpful and loving God that we are naturally excited about joining with Him. We understand how incredible God is so we are eager to be united with Him.


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