Laurie’s Positive Points: Be kind and considerate to others in word and action

Laurie’s Positive Points:  Be kind and considerate to others- in word and action.

Be kind and considerate with your family. Notice what others need to be to be more functional and then take action, show up, be true, and do whatever helps them.

Even if it takes more effort, it will empower you, and you will have an easier time with your relationships.

Remember that giving to others is one of the greatest gifts in life. When we improve their lives through our steps, they will be grateful and benefit.

We need to remember that giving is the same as receiving, so we must not forget that we get to participate in life by giving, so remember to do this regularly. When we give to others we end up being more fulfilled we stop struggling.

If we get an inner Holy Spirit prompting, we know that it makes most sense to take that action to be good to others. We must find some way to be good to the other and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Allow a question to be most prevalent in your mind, and remember to ask the Holy Spirit what we need to do, so it is like having Him on the easy phone.

We want to find something to do for another that totally rocks our worlds. We will be pretty happy because we get to give something that makes us happy.

Giving and receiving are the same, so remember that we end energetically with more ease and abundance. When we give to others, remember this is true and will further motivate us. 

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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