Laurie’s Positive Points: We must value our brains and their capacity for interacting with the environment

Laurie’s Positive Points:

We must value our brains and their capacity for interacting with the environment.

The brain is full of all the ability we can give it, so we want to make sure we appreciate what it can do for us.

Our brains help us interact with others, and they also allow us to function as humans, so let us cherish our brains.

Let us adopt a caring opinion about our brain and do what we can to keep it tuned up and with a significant capacity to function optimally.

Remember to stay active mentally. Read or listen to things in our environment, like Podcasts or watching TV. These sorts of things keep the brain engaged.

We can play brain games on our computers or phones and do a fabulous job of keeping our brains engaged.

Keep our brains sharp with games we play with ourselves or others.

And play while we do it.  Playing is the best way to celebrate life and is fun to do.

Playing needs to be our go-to because it keeps our minds active. Remember to laugh while we play.

Laughter brightens our minds because it gets us into a good mood. Make sure to laugh while we do things, making us feel significant.

Try to laugh extra for anyone who feels bummed because laughing is the best way to enjoy what we are doing. It is healthy to laugh because it gets our endorphins exhilarated to feel better throughout.

Laughing and playing may be relatively new for us because they are very different. 

We will get such a happy countenance when we laugh, so it is worth doing. 

If they are relatively new, we need to start and invite laughter and play to be present in our minds and enjoy them.

Once we have asked them in, they will come, so relish this miracle of getting ourselves to joy simply from our laughter and open hearts.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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