Miracles Lesson 344

Miracles Lesson 344: “What is a miracle?” “Today, I learn the law of Love that what I give my brother is my gift to me.”

The Course says that God’s correct version of how things are in total abundance in the Universe. Our egos and the dark parts of ourselves believe that the Universe is full of scarcity.

Our egos say the Universe and the world are lacking. Because the ego believes and declares lack, the world’s laws are based on lack.

When you give in the world, then necessarily, we end up with nothing. When we offer from the egos’ viewpoint, there is total lack, and then we have nothing.  

 The Course teaches that the ego’s reality to sell us on lack is simply an illusion. Scarcity is not actual. We need to remember this is the true reality.

Lack is never true In God’s Universe that is abundant. We need to remember that this is true.

The world’s reality is not there. Absence is not confirmed as long as we remember this truth.

The ego has a whole set of independent laws opposite to how God’s laws operate. There is an entire law book of the ego. Just remember that there is no such thing.  

The Universe is abundant. We need to see that the egos’ laws do not exist at all.

The Course says all is well and there is plenty. The only problem is we forget this truth. When we fail, we need to remind ourselves. The Course reminds us constantly, so I am grateful for its infinite wisdom.

Remember that we want to keep giving to our brothers and sisters because when we do, we are gaining because the Course says that God’s Laws indicate that when we give to another, whatever we give them goes through us as well, so we are strengthened and benefitted from this.

Giving helps us stay in the groove of moving ourselves and moving in general. And the Course says over and over in the book that giving and receiving are the same. We need to take this in because it is different from what our egos tell us.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture a


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